Cosmic Perspective on Human Extinction


CosmicPerspective on Human Extinction


Therelation of the age of the universe to the standard human agesignificantly contributes to our understanding of the lifetime of theuniverse from the formation to date. The relation that forms thebasis of the cosmic calendar presents human beings with a timely toolfor understanding the current time and the threat of extinction. Theuniverse has existed for billions of years, all which has hadsignificant developments as per the evolution and the big bangtheories. Therefore, every single billion years formed a step towardsthe evolution of the universe in the current state.

Asthe universe developed to current state, several species existed andthe environment changed over time leading to survival challenges ofvarious species. Consequently, many species have become extinctbillions and millions of years ago, giving a viable trend ofpredicting the time of the extinction of the current species, humanbeings included (Bennett,1999).The cosmic calendar provides a methodology of aligning the existenceof various species in history that can be used to relate the threatof extinction of human beings to the current threatening conditions.

Themain threatening condition that affirms the extinction of humanbeings is the current developments and civilization that man hasdeveloped in the last few seconds of December 31 in the cosmiccalendar (Bennett,2002).The developments are a threat to the existence of human beings sincethe technology adopted by man can destroy the human race and evendestroy the earth. Moreover, the developments contribute to thedestruction of the environment at a rate faster than the adoption ofman to fit in the new conditions. This shows that human beings willnot continue living as the species will become extinct.

HumanBeings will become Extinct

Humanbeings have lived differently from other species because of theirabilities and desire to increase these abilities for better andsimpler life. Since Stone Age, the human beings have developedseveral civilizations and evolved into more intelligent and ablecreatures that can explore the environment better. This evolution hasled to the development of technologies and civilization that hasthreatened the livelihood that human beings are trying to enhance.According to the cosmic calendar, the human race has developed into ahighly civilized and modernized race in the last ten seconds ofDecember 31 (Bennett,1999).This indicates that by the end of the year, in the upcoming fewseconds of the cosmic calendar, the human race might be extinct.Therefore, in the opposition to the statements in the text, I holdthat human beings will become extinct.

Oneof the main indications of the extinction of human beings species isthe extinction of other species over time. The extinction of thesespecies shows the possibility of every species to follow the sameroute despite being differently able to survive in the environment.With the changes in the environment, all the species are changing asa way of developing becoming fit for the survival in the newenvironment. The same case has been a reality for the human beings.However, the human beings have accelerated their changes to adapt tothe environment at a faster rate by taking advantage of theirabilities, creating a higher risk of extinction.

Inaddition, the human being has changed ahead of time in relation tothe changes in the environment. This reality is possible because ofthe advancement of the human race has exceeded the capacity of theenvironment to accommodate these changes. An evidence of this realityis the impact of industrialization to the environment. Emergence ofindustries has caused global warming due to pollution andenvironmental destruction through the use of dangerous technology.The destruction of the environment has been a result of trying tomake the life of the human beings easier and more advanced. However,the situation is counterproductive in the long term for the life spanof a human being is gradually reducing and making many a species thatis vulnerable to his own development.

Ina bid to enhance life since the early man, human beings have becomemore of enemies to themselves than friends of the species. This hasmade human beings the most dangerous enemies not only to themselves,but also to other species. The evidence is in the rate at which humanbeings are killing their fellow human beings and the emergence ofwars all over the world. By doing this, it shows the extent at whichhuman beings can go to secure their own survival, even if it is atthe expense of their own species. Consequently, the human beings haveset a trend that can predict their own extinction at the hands oftheir technology and interests.

Afterhumans developed incredible civilization in December 31 in the cosmiccalendar, the direct and the indirect consequence has become a threatof extinction to the species (Bennett,2002).With other species having been extinct, the developments made byhuman beings presents the evidence that human beings will not survivethe results of their own technology. Therefore, it is rational toconclude that human beings will become extinct just like otherspecies that have disappeared before.


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