Counseling Session



Counselingsession is a period of interaction between the therapist and theclients who is suffering from some psychological problems. This paperprovides a transcript of a counseling session between Mrs. Jane Doeand a therapist. The session is conducted in line with the Rogers’theory.

Therapysession transcript

Engagingwith the client, Mrs. Jane Doe

Therapist:Hello, Mrs. Jane Doe. I would like you to know how much I am sorryfor your relationship challenges. How are you doing today?

Doe:Am Okay, I guess. I just cannot seem to stop contemplating about thesorry state of my second marriage.

Therapist:I understand, it must be painful to get into relationship challengesthe second time. Please tell me more about your present feelings.

Doe:I can help thinking that was it not for my husband’s cheating ourrelationship would still be warm. I can’t afford to live with thispain anymore.

Therapist:So you are not only dealing with the issue of cheating, but you arealso handling the feeling of pain?

Doe:Yes (Doe starts shedding tears).

Identifyingthe idea of divorce

Therapist:You know Doe, sometimes when women experience relationship challengesas you do, they contemplate divorce. Is this an issue you have givena thought?

Doe:(Doe remains silent for some seconds as she wipes tears and thenresponds). Yes.

Inquiringabout the reasons for divorce

Therapist:I think I can figure out, but can you please tell me more aboutfactors that have made you contemplate divorce?

Doe:I can’t live with this pain. My second husband is cheating on me.He no longer brings me flowers. (Doe sheds more tears, covers herface with both hands). He even never calls during the day to know howI am doing. I know he neither loves me nor does he like seeing me. Imust do him a favor by divorcing him.

Assessingthe seriousness of the idea of divorce

Therapist:Doe, you stated that you think divorce is the best way to cope with afeeling of pain and other challenges caused to you by Dave. Do youhave a sure plan of how you will go about the divorce process?

Doe:Yes, I could go to the divorce court.

Takingappropriate action to address the issue of divorce

Therapist:Doe, I know it hurts and it appears to you that there is no solution,but I believe we can find a solution if you give it time.

Doe:What will you do (Doe’s hint of bitterness returns) I am ready toleave right now. (She stands up and gets out of office I follow herjust outside the office).

Therapist:Doe, I have one more question before you leave. Have you thought ofother alternatives, such as visiting a marriage counselor togetherwith Dave?

Doe:(Doe slows down, looks at me, and then responds) No. But I will giveit a thought when get back home.


Thedoe had not expressed her motions for quite sometime and thisdistorted her self perception, which made her think that Dave hatedher. However, she is able to discover that she is suffering frombitterness and pain after discussing the issue with the therapist.Rogers held that relationships provide clients with an opportunity toexperience them and be in harmony with oneself and others (Frager &ampFadiman, 2013). Similarly, Jane Doe accepts the idea of visiting themarriage counselor before engaging in the process of divorce.Eventually, Doe is able to realize that her marriage is a continuingprocess and not a contract to be terminated anyhow, which isconsistent with Rogers view.


Frager,R., &amp Fadiman, J. (2013). Personalityand personal growth (7th ed.).Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.