Courtroom Workgroup Paper


CourtroomWorkgroup Paper



Criminaljustice funnel refers to processes through which the criminal issuespending in courts are reduced. The matters are decreased, and only asmall number remained pending and resolved by trial and incarceration(Boydell&amp Connidis 2012).Courtroom work group are individuals working together to ensure thatcourt procedures are completed and handled in a logical manner. Theyensure that the justice prevails. The group comprises of prosecutors,judges and the defense team.

Mostof the courts experience backlog of cases. The problems are as aresult of insufficient funding of the justice systems which makescourts incapable of handling the cases. The backlog of these caseshas numerous impacts on the court systems. One of the effects isinefficient protection of defendant’s rights (Boydell&amp Connidis 2012).The defendants are forced to wait for long to get the case verdict.

Delayin courts interrupts the judicial processes by helping criminals torun away with their cases. For instance, delaying the analysis ofrape evidence may proof difficult for the judge to support his case.Backlog of cases disrupts the processes of court systems (Boydell&amp Connidis 2012).Most of the courts do not follow the whole process when determiningtheir ruling. It leads to premature rulings and thus lowering theirefficiency.

Thereare numerous solutions that will help reduce the backlog of cases.The first solution is allocating more funds in the justice systems.The delay is caused by having fewer individuals who deal with theoverwhelming criminal cases. Injecting more resources in the justicesystems means that the overall operations will improve (Boydell&amp Connidis 2012).It will boost the investigating as well as prosecuting crimes. Theother solution is through implementation of technology in thejudicial systems. It will lead to quicker ways of investigatingcrimes as well the efficiency in analyzing evidence.


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