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Monday08, 2014



5Independence drive Apt 21

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Elena Lewis

Assistant Director,TRIO Student Support Service


415South St,

Waltham,MA 02453,

Dear Elena Lewis,

I ampleased to apply for the vacancy of Graduate Assistant for Biologyand Chemistry in your esteemed institution. Kindly find enclosed myapplication form and resume for the cited position.

I ama Math Graduate at Brandeis University where I have conductedresearch on high-energy physics for two semesters under the tutelageof Dr. Bolton. The research involved calculation of energy lossesusing Bethe formula and programming especially C++. In addition, Idid geometry applications and structures of lattices under thetutelage of Professor Zharkov. In order to construe the results ofthe studies and institute profound inference for the studies, Iutilized C++, Fermi Lab Accounts, and algebraic models such as theGauss’s model in 4-dimension. This has given me certitude that Ican swiftly acquire new skills. I have also established abilities in,PowerPoint, C-stat, and Excel. Take awareness that the nature of mycourse has equipped me for the cited vacancy in your acclaimedinstitution. The Course has involved autonomous exploration andfacet, inventiveness, self-motivation, diagnostic skills, interactiveskills, and flexibility.

      1. I have good knowledge in tutelage having worked for K-state Athletics Inc. as a Physics and Mathematics tutor under between March 2013 and May 2014 the supervision of Jill Shields. Furthermore, I worked as a Mathematics and Physics tutor for Education and Personal Develop between July 2013 and May 2014. These experiences have inculcated in me pronounced interactive skills, IT skills, methodical skills, and reflective facet in taking resourcefulness and making conversant selections vis-àvis people’s limits and capacities.

I ama meticulous tutor who works effectively, smart, and pays attentionto feature. I am an accommodating, fast to pick new capabilities, andan enthusiastic person who seeks to learn from circumstances, and Iwould be very grateful for the occasion to take on the responsibilityof this vacancy immediately. I have the desire, willpower, andstrength to guarantee that I make a triumph of the position. I trustmy coursework and experience in tutelage will help to guaranteesuccess for students. If you desire to communicate to me, kindlyreach me at 785-341-6563

, or by electronicmail at [email protected]

      1. I thank you for taking your time to consider this application and I look forward for a reply in the near future.

      2. Yours sincerely,

  1. Shuai Jiang