Cultural Activity Report

CulturalActivity Report

CulturalActivity Report

On30thSeptember 2014, I had a privilege to visit the new Creation museumwith my friend. This museum is located in northern Kentucky and wasbuilt by Answers in Genesis. It was our first time to visit and themuseum was very impressive since it was full of lush vegetation,tropical sounds and also animated dinosaurs.

Uponthe arrival, I noticed that there were visitors from all over theworld and they were led through a series of video interspersedexhibits by staff members who were very helpful. We were photographedon our way in. The visitors who were on their way out were offeredcomputerized prints which had some dinosaur backgrounds. Moreover,the site of the museum was choreographed well and designed in anexquisite manner. There were also special exhibits and diverseactivities for kids, thus making it a good place for family vacation.Some exhibits were shown on the screen while others were shown invery comfortable theatres. The 7 C`s of history demonstrated theorder in which the exhibits were placed. These are creation,corruption, confusion, consummation, catastrophe, cross and Christ((Lynch, 2013). The diversity of these exhibits could also bespotted.

Thepresentation style involves only one of the 7 C`s&quot, which iscreation. Extensive coverage is offered to all, though Noah’s floodand creation week is given the centre stage. The last main tour eventconsist of Adam theatre. At this point, Jesus crucifixion details arevividly presented with the aim of offsetting the sins that werecommitted by Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden. Upon the exit of thetheatre, trained staff members discuss these Christian messages withthe visitors.

Inthe Dinosaur Dig Site diorama, one can notice the exhibits’ majortheme that reflects the creationist contribution. The exhibit seemsto allow evolution to be equal to creationism (Dawkins, 2001).Exhibits on life history and fossilization characterize a series ofthese respectful contrasts. This reflects harmony for individuals whotry to equalize and reconcile the science doctrine with the Christiandoctrine.

Catastrophicplate tectonics, the post flood ice age, coal rapid formation, andthe Grand Canyon carving by draining of catastrophic post floodlakes, were demonstrated. Other presentations are made through videoproductions that are major. This includes a show that is watched inthe targazers` Planetarium. The scale of the universe is portrayedthrough light years and various astronomical findings that act as theunit of measure. Old universe theories and their limitations to failto explain different astronomical features are explained. Moreover,more explanations are made to assure visitors that few explanationsexist that explain why light moves faster. Astronomical objectsaccording to creationists were created by God.

Theshow is presented in the special events theatre where it is madeentertaining and comical, and it features a lady sitting beside acampfire contemplating whether God exists. Two angels who are youngmen come and take her on a tour of Christian history and creation.The angels represent million of years and evolution that confusepeople and lead them away from the truth. They tell the lady thatradiometric dates mean nothing since they are based on assumptions.The angels then appear as students in a classroom. They swap theirslides with that of their teacher when he trying to explain evolutionthrough slide show. They continue harassing the teacher in each andevery move he makes. The teacher therefore reflects a dogmaticcharacter that believes in evolution despite various evidence andcannot save his life through a coherent explanation of what isevolution. The museum therefore sells books to students that not onlyencourage them to interrupt and challenge evolution teachers, butalso offer them with ammunition. Wise (2002) suggests that thecreation museum contrasts atheistic science and biblical literalismextremes.

Therewas too much to view and absorb in Creation museum that it wasdifficult for us to leave. I am glad to have had such an amazing andmemorable moment.


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