Data and System Security

ITM 442 M5 SLP 5

Dataand System Security



Thesite and the tools applied in the system are perfect and advanced.The dashboard involves the integration of business applications andthe various functions to be performed. The tools have the capacity toissue a report on the function performed. The business applicationapplied in this site is a source of profitability to the organization(Khan, 2005). It is an integration of business functions andinformation technology tools. However, the presentation mode usedshould be clarified to the end users to make it clear in theirapplication. There should also be a function of upgrading the toolsto integrate new technologies.


Theapplied tools are a source of fueling profitability in businessorganization. These tools are very crucial to the management team interms of decision making. A critical lesson learned from these toolsis the integration of information technology with business functionsconducted (Wun &amp Hirao, 2009). Another notable lesson from thesebusiness applications is the advantages accumulated to the businessfirm. The tools also provide an insight of the business dynamism andthe measures to be taken to counter the dynamism.


Theworld of business is dominated by dynamism and very many changes. Allthese changes account for the adoption of tools to ease the workdone. SAP tools are sources of business leverage. They help themanagement of a business firm to embrace business dynamism andintegrate it in the management (Khan, 2005). This is a source ofbusiness competitive edge in the changing world of business. SAPtools help business in the times of crisis such as financialmanagement. There are several modules involved with SAP managementwhich include supply chain management and finance among others.


SAPtools have many applications in the management of a business firm. Ithas several applications ranging from finance, supply chainmanagement, customer service relations and even corporate socialresponsibility. One of the ways of applying SAP tools in businessmanagement is in the finance department. SAP financial module helpsfinance people to simplify their office work (Wun &amp Hirao, 2009).There is the application of reconciliation of the various accountswhich could be hard without the help of the tools. Additionally, thetools can also be applied in the filing of statutory requirements asrequired by the legislation.


Theassessment of the tools is based on the associated benefits to thecompany. First the tools help the management to make decision in afaster and efficient way. It is, therefore, paramount to apply thetools. Secondly, the tools have the capacity to assist in addressingthe business dynamism in the modern today (Khan, 2005). The toolshave also the capability of integrating the modern businessinformation technology with the current needs of the business.Moreover, the tools are effective in the running of the businessfunction at large.

Ina nutshell, SAP tools have several business applications in themodern world of business. It is the role of the management to ensurethat the function to be applied is compatible with the businessneeds. This will aid in addressing the problem of business functioninefficiencies. The overall result is increased efficiency in thebusiness operations this fueling profitability of the businessorganization.


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