Data Management Data Warehousing and Data Mining


DataManagement: Data Warehousing and Data Mining

DataManagement: Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Whatdo you think of the site and tools presented this time around?

Thesite has an elaborate explanation of the report tools. Crystal reportsolutions are powerful tools for businesses and individuals when itcomes to database access, and presentations of rich analyticalreports (SAP,n.d.).The site makes it very easy when it comes selection of a proper toolbased on several short surveys a user fills before downloads starts.This means that an individual has an opportunity to make an informeddecision regarding the tool needed for the specified tasks. There areno limitations for using the demos since one is able to navigate theentire interface without restrictions (SAP,n.d.).The tools make report designing so simple once a person goes throughthe guides provided on the site, which is straightforward andsimplified. Whatdo you think can be learned from these tools?

Oneis able to learn that report designing is a very enjoyable task thatdoes not required a lot of knowledge. Analyzing data from a databaserequires one to have an audience and purpose of the report in mind tomake it easier when it comes to designing the report. Designingreports while previewing it provides the best opportunity to refinethe report presentation (Yanar&amp Balcicek, 2013).Another aspect learned from these tools concerns the conceptualizingthe final product in terms of images and graphical presentation toolssuch charts, graphs and pictures that make it easier for the audienceto visualize the information from the report (Sabherwal,&amp Becerra-Fernandez, 2011). Finally, one learns that report design is applicable to other dataof similar format meaning, therefore, recycling the design can easerepeating similar steps. Inwhat situations do you think these tools are useful?

Thesetools are very useful in analyzing data from large databases, wheresimplified strategic reports are useful sources of information usedin making decision. The reports generated by these tools are usefulwhere data keeps on changing for example college students joincourses every semester and complete and after sometime, the studentsgraduate from the college. In a bank, customers pay shopping usingtheir credit cards for varying amounts every month, a trend monitoredusing the powerful reports run by these tools. Howcan and/or could you apply these tools in your organization, career,or personal life?

Thesetools, for example crystal reports, version for Eclipse, will assistme in making informed decision regarding my spending in order toorganize personal finance and align it towards investing the savingsI make. My organization deals with many customers, where these toolscan be used to get a clear picture of the customer satisfactiontrends. These tools are instrumental in making info-graphs, whichtop-level management can use before making strategic decision at myorganization. What is your overall evaluation of the tools? (Make sure yougive specifics and the basis of your evaluation).Thetools are the best in data mining and presentations because the usercan be able to design the report while previewing it, making itappear so simple for user without excellent presentation skills.Their simplicity on usability makes them stand out among otherdatabase presentation tools because graphical presentation tools areintegrated in the report layout. However, analytical tools focus onthe database usage and not database development. Therefore, they willrequire the database to exist in various formats for them to beuseful to the user.


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