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&nbspEpitaphfor a Peach

Theepitaph of peach is a narration that involves a farmer thatpassionately that is attempting to save a fruit. The fruity is amongthe last quality fruits that are juicy and sweet. However, he faces achallenge due to the activity place in the world wherebycommerciality has taken over from quality. It is one of his strongestdesires to have the fruit protected to prevent it becoming gobsolete. He request for four seasons to find a new location to growthe fruits. This protects the fruits from destruction by bulldozers.The farmer is looking for new home for the peaches. He would like tohave nature preserved and fruits grown organically. The farmer isconservative and would like high quality standards maintained. Thenarration reveals various personal traits of the farmer. In thisgiven paper, the personal traits of the farmer will be analyzed andpinpointed .This will enable the reader to get more understanding ofthe book. The attributes will articulated followed by specificexample to qualify the trait.

DavidMas Masumoto is a third generation Japanese American farmer. He ispassionate about peaches and organic farming. The farmer is willingto pay the price of searching for a place to plant the juicy fruitsthat also sweet. The fruits are being tendered organically and thefarmer feels obliged in protecting the orchard. An ideal example iswhen the farmer turns away a bulldozer from destroying the apples inthe orchards (Masumoto, 197). Instead, the farmer requests for fourseasons to get an alternate location to plant and transfer thefruits. He is extremely passionate about the fruits in the orchard.The farmer intimates that the fruits are among the sweetest andjuiciest that he has tendered in his career. The farmer is at pain tolet the fruits become obsolete. It is such moves that depict theseriousness and passion that the farmer has attached to peaches. Thepeaches are close to his heart. He gives a definite time to get asuitable location to plant the peaches that he would not like tobecome obsolete (Masumoto, 233). Moreover, the farmer implies hewould not like to have breaks in the growth of peaches. It isimportant to note that the four seasons requested would be enoughplant peaches that would mature and there off harvested. The farmerremains his hard stance stating that once the new orchard’s fruitsare mature he will allow bulldozer to destroy the old peaches trees.The farmer is also passionate about organic farming since he resistshe attempts to replace it with usage of pesticides. The author iscritical of the moves.

Thefarmer is Hard working and committed. The farmer is determined tosave the peaches from becoming obsolete. Despite the variouschallenges that he bound to face on way .He determined to save thefruit knowing well that they are numerous challenges on course suchas absence of adequate water, weeding and the summer shaping(Masumoto, 217).The farmer is willing to pay the price to get the fruit saved fromdestruction. The many difficulties that he has faced previously donot intimidate him from the mission to save the fruit from becomingobsolete. The farmer is committed to marshaling all his energies toirrigate the fruits to their maturation (Masumoto, 200). He offers totender the fruiting by ensuring they get weed and shaped up in thesummer. Moreover he commits his resources employing people to help dothe work and make the vision to protect the fruit from becoming cometrue. Through employment of more people to work in the project thefarmer is able to achieve more efficiency through division labor andit also demonstrates his continued commitment to protecting theorganic peaches.

Thefarmer is portrayed as understanding. He clearly understands thehardships facing the worker working in farms. He offers to supportthem to make the working environment better and conducive. Thisenables him to relate exemplary well with the farmers. This creates aperfect environment to achieve the set goals since there is free flowof communication. The level of understanding shown to the workersenables them to whole heartedly contribute to the improvement andrealization of the set goal .He additionally, demonstrates hisunderstanding personal trait by seeking for more seasons to allow forthe destruction of the peaches orchard by the bulldozer. The farmeris able to understand that, such a feat is not realizable overnight(Masumoto, 50). He clearly states that it requires time to beproperly planned and coordinated successfully. Such levels ofplanning pinpoint the high level of understanding of issues thefarmer posses. Furthermore, it is important to note that the farmeris humorous. An ideal is demonstrated when he states that it is goodfor people to know their alcoholic beverages while pruning. Heintends to make the people around him fell good and enjoy theirlives.

Inconclusion, it is important to note that the farmer is admirablecharacter as portrayed by his various positive attribute. Heunderstands, hardworking, humorous and passionate. He is goodcharacter that people should seek to emulate.


Masumoto,M. David.&nbspEpitaphfor a peach: Four seasons on my family farm.S.l.: HarperCollins e-Books. 2014. Print.