DeathBed Memoir (Shi Huangdi)

Unityis an essential ingredient in the prosperity and success of anyentity. Major problems can only be solved when people put theirdifferences aside and work as a team. When people collaborate andwork as a team wonderful outcomes are inevitable. Over the years,history has taught me that unity translates to indestructiblestrength. Divisiveness only allows the enemy to come in between andjeopardize the well being of any populace. Self-centered interestsare the biggest hurdles to harmony (Dive, 2013). Political leadersare the most affected with their selfish interests coming before thecommon and important goals shared by a community. There is a lot ofmistrust among politicians globally and this evidently hurts thewelfare of any society. Through experiences we are able to acquirewisdom each person has their own inimitable wisdom. As for me, unityis my most treasured virtue and I have been able to accomplish itwell during my tenure as the Emperor of China.

Politicsis generally the activities that are associated with a country’sgovernance system. The overall head of a government determines thecountry’s success. The subordinates may have divergent views andopinions but it is up to the ruler to ensure unanimity (Dive, 2013).Starting my political career early, at the age of 13, indeed equippedme with a lot of wisdom and knowledge. The passion for a unifiedChina started from way back when I was a young man and being able tosubjugate and unite the formerly warring states shows that anythingis possible. Looking at China now people are one, they have learnt toappreciate each other indiscriminately. Political appointments are nolonger hereditary but are now based on merit (ChinaHighlights, 2014).The state is now a centralized and bureaucratic system with uniformmeasures weights and laws.

Unificationof China’s economy through standardized measurements units such ascurrency, weights and the length of carts’ axles has helped mypeople to unlock the growth potential of each region in the state(QinShihuangdi, 2014).This has further been boasted by the development of extensive roadnetworks as well as canal linking the provinces (ChinaHighlights, 2014).Trade has been enhanced and more importantly there has been valueaddition to the various products that are produced from the differentregions. It gives me joy to see my people earn a decent living forthe work of their hands.

Illiteracyis detrimental to any society’s quest for a prosperous citizenry.It is for this reason that I have ensured standardized Chinesewriting (QinShihuangdi, 2014).This way people are now able to read, write and converse in onevoice. Being able to clearly communicate with any persons regardlessof where they are from assists people to express themselves betterand thus each individual’s ideas or opinions are considered.Sharing a language in spite of coming from different backgroundsserves to remind people that they are one. As I write down thismemoir my people will be able to read it and learn a thing or twofrom their First Emperor.

TheGreat Wall of China is no doubt an architectural maverick. It showsthe ingenuity of those who took part in coming up with thisimpressive landmark. It also encourages people to appreciate theirterritories and exploit what they have rather than let greed get thebetter of them. The Great Wall will forever be embedded in theChinese culture for decades to come (QinShihuangdi, 2014).

Legalismis the only way a populace can make sure that regulations and rulesare followed to the latter. It is the philosophy that I extremelyadore for it guarantees strict obedience to the laws of the land.Human nature is evil and it is therefore important to place heavyconstraints on humans (QinShihuangdi, 2014).The laws put in place are easily understandable and it is for thisreason that thorough punishment is given to any person who breaks thelaw. On the other hand, I have ensured that good deeds are at alltimes reward for I think this prompts people to do as my governmentwants.

Inthe eleven years that I have served, I know that people will foreverremember Qin Shihaung Di as the founding father of China the man whounited China and brought sanity to the system of governance. What Ihave done for the great people of this great land is there foreveryone to see. I believe in actions rather than words. In terms ofprotecting and defending my people, just have look at the Great Walland realize the commitment I have had to keep my people safe. Theeconomic prosperity being experienced by the citizenry is as a resultof the unity that I have brought to China. It is my wish as I go torest, that other nations around the globe emulate my leadership styleto ensure that people live up to their full potential. It is in unitythat people learn to appreciate and uplift each other.


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