Depiction of Violence in the Media


Depictionof Violence in the Media

Depictionof Violence in the Media

Therehave been increased concerns regarding the heightened incorporationof violence in varied forms of media. Indeed, violence has been oneof the main selling points for films and a large number of literaryworks including comedy. However, it is well acknowledged that thereare variations in the manner in which this violence is depicted inthe varied genres. Such differences may especially be seen in thecase of movies and literary works such as fictional stories.

Inmovies, violence is seen as the basic way in which individualsreinforce their beliefs and stand for what they value and believe.Indeed, it is not surprising to see an individual, often thesuperhero or the main character (star) being subjected to some formof violence and repaying these ills by violence. The character may beshot in the arm only for him to have the capacity to use the same armto stop a truck that is speeding at 85 miles an hour and even shoot anumber of people with the same arm (Marche,2008).In fictional stories, however, an individual may be subjected to suchviolence but does not really have to use the same to get somepayback, rather he or she would use some tricks so as to defeat hisadversaries (Nagle,2009).

Ofcourse, this is not always the case in all movies and fictional storybooks. Indeed, these two works may be similar in the fact that all ofthem do not particularly speak against or for violence rather theyleave the options open with regard to the application of the same insolving the day-to-day issues (Nagle,2009).


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