Discussion Question



Thefirst comment recommends that the train master should investigate theallegations, and then implement appropriate disciplinary measures.Every organization has a code of ethics that employees are supposedto observe. The trainmaster should forward the complaints to thehuman resources department after authenticating the problem. The keyrole of the trainmaster is managing the activities of the staff whilethe human resources implements disciplinary measures among theemployees. Besides, the trainmaster should advise the human resourcesdepartment to hire staff from diverse backgrounds. Racialstereotyping is less pronounced in a work environment that iscomposed of people from different backgrounds that places wheremajority of the staff come from a single community. For example, theAfrican Americans dominate the Inter-Pacific Railroad staff, suchthat Francisco appears the odd one out. This makes him conspicuousand vulnerable to ridicule from his colleagues. The trainmastershould convince Francisco that he would hire diverse staff members,on top of hiring a coach to educate other staff members to refrainfrom discriminative remarks.

Ifthe human resources and trainmaster authenticate that his colleagueshave subjected Francisco to racial discrimination, the responsibleindividuals should be ordered to compensate him. The managementshould directly deduct the fine from the abusive individuals’salary, and then channel it to Francisco. Thai will help him feelthat the management of the organization is dedicated to creatingequal employment environment, thus drop the EEOC charges.

Onthe other hand, the HRM should introduce tough consequences topersons accused of racial discrimination in the future. For example,individuals who will be proven to have practiced racialdiscrimination on their colleagues would be suspended or sacked.Empowering the staff with knowledge regarding racial discriminationwith no tough consequences is not adequate to prevent employees fromengaging in unethical practices.

Similarly,the management can promote Francisco to a higher position that hiscolleagues. The lower rank staff will be forced to respect Francisco,as he is senior to them. The increased rank would then convince himto drop the EEOC charges on the company.