Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Using Public and Private Health Services

DiseasePrevention and Health Promotion Using Public and Private HealthServices

Variouslevels in the joint public-private responsibility structure of theU.S. health care service

Thereare various levels of responsibility structure between private andpublic health care systems in the United States. In these levels,private sectors provide financing to the health care services whilepublic aim at providing services. Level of commitment is a majordimension of partnership between public and private health careservices. In this case, the two organizations agree to offer theirservices jointly. In most cases, public and private health careservices in the United States share all their decision makingapproaches (Sara,2001).This includes making decisions on how to share resources such aspeople, fund, and information. In addition, public and private healthcare services in the United States are aimed at providing nonprofitservices.

Transparencyand accountability is another level of joint public-privateresponsibility of the United State health system. In this case, thetwo are involved in enhancing fairness and transparency on theirservices. In addition, the two health care systems are also involvedin facilitating social responsibility through providing qualityhealth services (Sara,2001).The two also enhances the involvement of community in the monitoringand planning of services.

Prosand cons of public and private roles played in promoting health care

Oneof the major advantages of public and private role played inpromoting health care services in the United States under the federaland state funding is that it helps in promoting affordable healthcare. In this case, it supports the right to quality health careservices to all people. Another advantage is that they help inassisting the poor through health insurance programs (Sara,2001).

Threatfrom bioterrorism is a major disadvantage of public and private roleplayed in promoting health care (Sara,2001).Through their technology, they are able to create pathogens that canbe used by terrorists. In addition, they also aid in the creation ofdisease resistant pathogens, which are disadvantageous to thesociety.


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