Domestic Abuse



Domesticabuse agencies in Los Angeles

  • Good Shepherd Shelter

  • FaithTrust Institute

Thecounselors refer domestic abuse victims to the agencies shelteringindividuals molested at their homes so that they can recoverself-confidence and dignity. In addition to healing, the victims alsoacquire skills that can help them overcome domestic violence cycles.The following are major issues that counselors at the domesticviolence agencies address.

Domesticviolence refers to behavior pattern whereby one person in an intimaterelationship molests his or her partner. The relationship statuscould be cohabitation, marriage or even cohabitation (Jackson-Cherry&amp Erford, 2014).

Understandingdomestic violence

Domesticviolence is dynamic. Counselors begin by determining particularfactors that could enhance vulnerability of an individual to domesticviolence. In addition, the counselor determines a victim’s “cycleof the violence stage”. Victims that have been exposed to extremedomestic violence are given shelter in the agencies in order toprovide them with physical safety (Jackson-Cherry &amp Erford,2014).

Long-termexposure to domestic violence can make children and other vulnerablevictims susceptible to trauma and depression. The counselors evaluatethe mental health of patients, and then propose a healing processthat may include training the victim with life skills that would helpthem start independent lives (Jackson-Cherry &amp Erford, 2014).

Jackson-Cherryand Erford (2014) assert that financially incapable partners are themost vulnerable persons to domestic abuse include financialinstability and drug abuse. The counselors at the agencies recommendeducative training to victims in the agencies that can help themstart a new life, business, or secure employment. On the other hand,the counselors may recommend a drug rehabilitation program to personswho could be abusing their colleagues.

AtFaithTrust Institute, the organization focuses on educating themulticultural and multifaith communities on coexistence strategies.The counselors mainly deal with people from different ethnic andcultural backgrounds available through the world (FaithTrustInstitute, 2014). On the other hand, the Good Shepherd Shelter offersa safe learning environment for both children returning to schoolsand abused persons training with new skills so they can start a newlife (Good Shepherd Shelter, 2014). The main domestic abuse issuesthat counselors in both agencies address include:

  • Hitting, punching, shoving, biting, using weapons

  • Forced sexual activity

  • Putting down, name calling, playing mind games

  • Controlling of all your finances

  • Stalking


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