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Asan international student, to write in a foreign language is thebiggest challenge for me. In this semester, I have learned not onlyabout writing but also about thinking in a different way. This isbecause I come from a different country my heritage, culture andways of study are totally different. During the entire semester, Itried to adapt myself into the “American way” to think. Throughthe learning by “revision, arrangement, invention, delivery andstyle” that I know better about the art of writing. Also, bylearning these different ways I can make my thinking deeper and makethe writing more creative. Freshmen should be ready to incorporatethe new culture for those coming from foreign nations (Nathan, p10).

Learningfrom a native language is not only fun, but also exciting as itenhances the level of understanding. English is not my nativelanguage me and has been coupled by many challenges (Hay, p7). It issometimes hard to express words properly and also combining writingand thinking. At the start, I had difficulties in passing acrosswhatever point I had in mind. As my first technology literacy, that Irepresent the best feeling in my mind. I know better about revisionthrough my first essay. Revision is a paramount factor in passingexams in any student’s life (Nathan, p45). The student is supposedto sharpen the revision skills on all the topics learnt in class.Writing is comparatively an exciting journey in the life of afreshman this is so because it calls for the combined effort ofthinking and internalizing the points. It also calls for the masteryof language that sometimes may turn to be a jargon for foreigners.For instance, through revision a student can relate all theexperiences throughout the entire semester (Brecher, p1).

Secondly,as a freshman, one is introduced to the concept of time managementand also arrangement of points in the essay. Time management is verycritical in the studies as it accounts to the highest mark ofpassing. First year students commonly known as freshmen are usuallyintroduced to the concept of peer review. This entails exchangingviews and ideas amongst themselves in the class. This helps thestudent to identify a weakness in their writing skills. It also helpsone to identify what others view as the best way of doing an essay.It is a great thing to learn to write a course during their firstsemester of study (Brecher, p5). This will encompass theirunderstanding of other new concepts throughout the semester. AlsoWriting helps an individual to express his way of thinking, and thisfacilitates the process of learning.

Writingcalls for a lot of research of very many and sometimes unique ideas.The different assignments given to freshmen call for a thoroughresearch to get the ideas right. Freshmen are also introduced to theconcept of the internet whereby they are shown how to research newideas sometimes from the source. It is, therefore, important for anysingle new student to be introduced to the writing course (Hay, p15).This course helps one to learn how to relate to the various audiencesand the tone to use at different places. Writer’s attitude is alsodiscussed in the course where one is taught how to embrace a positiveattitude towards writing. The most-important way and style ofexpressing one’s thoughts is through writing. Therefore, thewriting course meant for freshmen is very critical not only to theirfirst semester life, but also to other years of their study.

Thestudent will be introduced to various assignments with each one ofthem comprising of different skills to be applied. For instance, anassignment on legal research writing will be given to students, andthis will call for application of multiple skills (Downs, p35). Oneof the skills required in the assignment is basic concepts of thelegal structure for a given scenario. Secondly, the student will berequired to use the skills of report writing to present the work.Lastly, but not the least, a student will be required to have amastery of language. Another form of assignment presented tofreshmen is the making of the poster. This is a multiple skillsassignment, which calls for a students’ aspect of innovation andcreativity. This will require a student to study the trend in thecurrent market and express those views in the assignment. It is alsothrough the writing course that students learn how to relate with theoutside society. Communication is a factor in the human life, and,therefore, a study on writing is an advantage to students. Toculminate the importance of writing in the life of a student, it isimportant to emphasize on the basic law of reading and writing.Writing will never be successful if not accompanied with properrevision. An assignment testing the skill of revision is normallygiven to freshmen, and this emphasizes on the learnt concepts (Hay,p5).

Studyingin many Universities abroad calls for the learning of the language ofinstruction. For instance, if one has to take their studies inEnglish, it is usually advisable to learn English since there wouldbe an interchange of language during lectures. Also countries withmore than one language of official communication, tends to practicebilingual education. This mostly happens in regional organizedcountries (Bohannon, p20). For instance, the Union of India has Hindiand English as the official languages. There are, however, othertwenty-one regional languages with the status of a co-officiallanguage. This makes the system of education to have three languageformulae. Children obtain their studies in Hindi, English and theregional language which the school will determine the sequence of thesystem. Another scenario is the Peoples Republic of China wherethere are different dialects of Chinese language (Becker, p1).

Insummary, fostering the culture of a nation calls for conservation ofthe language of that nation. It is through understanding the firstlanguage that can learn a second language. Generations pass oninformation from the older ones to the young ones thus passing onhistory. Bilingual education system is beneficial to both theteachers and the students (MacDonald, p1). This is so because itfacilitates the communication and easy understanding of one another.Travelling in a foreign country to further studies will call for thestudy of a second language. This will ease the process ofassimilation to the culture and lifestyle of the community involved.

SectionB (Memo)

Writing-August 2014


To:professor McArdle


Re:Reflection on Writing Course

Iwas enrolled for the writing course that ended this month. The coursehas been very informative to me in my studies. When I was enrolling,I had little knowledge of the English language, and particularlywriting. The entire course has equipped me with necessary skills toface another course in advance writing in my other years of study. Inthis part of paper, I will outline the lessons I obtained in thewriting class and how they have helped me in writing.

Thewriting course conducted in the ending semester has helped me changethe attitude towards writing. I have been able to realize thatwriting involves different audiences, and also the tone of writing isdifferent at various instances. The writing course also equipsstudents with argumentative skills. Students are taught how topresent an argument, and also how to present ideas. Instances of biasand prejudices are ruled out in the knowledge delivery. Discussionforums are conducted in the lectures, and this improves the power ofcommunication. Students benefit from this scenario in theircommunication skills. Debates and peer review sessions also improve astudent’s leadership qualities. This helps in preparing the studentfor life after school. It is also beneficial to career development.

Someof the key components of the course in writing are peer review anddebates. Moreover, the life of students in foreign institutions isfull of both fun and challenges. One is supposed to learn a newlanguage which sometimes may be a challenge. Communication with otherpeople calls for an informed language understanding. This will alsoentail the learning of the culture of the host country. It takesone’s initiative to learn the way words are pronounced and also thedifferent dialect that are available in the locality. Peer review isan important tool in the study of writing course. This will enhancegroup work assignments and also other activities. The instructor isalso able to identify the various areas of weakness in the students’work. Time management is crucial, and this is improved through peerreview.

Recommendationafter taking the course is in the mode of delivery to be emphasized.Technology integration in the course should also be put into place.For the success in studies to be achieved a student is supposed toembark on proper revision at all the times. It is, therefore,paramount for a student to invest the proper time in researching theclass notes and also additional information. One is supposed torelate to all the episodes of the lectures and relate them with thedaily lifestyle. New students should be taught on the ways ofrevising and preparing for their exams.



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