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DoubleStack Café

Theprocess of hiring staff in the business is challenging since humanresource managers require recruiting professionals from diversebackgrounds. Despite individual differences, employees are expectedto have excellent work relationship. Recruiting a diverse workforceenhances the quality of labor provided. Since serves both young and old persons from various religious, ethnic,racial, and nationality backgrounds, the human resource managerrequires recruiting diverse labor force that is crucial for achievingfresh thinking approaches and desirable customer treatment requiredfor developing the organization.

Adynamic staff is composed of staff members with independent thinking.The human resources manager at can enhance staffdiversity in the organization through hiring employees with differentsexual and sex orientation, cultural background, physical abilitiesand deformities, religion, race and experience. The differentapproaches the staff takes when serving clients ensure that everycustomer can receive satisfactory service (Thomas, 2005).

The human resources manager can diversify recruitmentand selection strategy through hiring people with diverse experiencessuch as accounting, languages, and chefs. Second, the manager shouldhire both local and foreign laborers for ensuring various clientsreceive satisfying services. Other considerations include selectingnon-English speaking staff, persons from various religious andcultural beliefs, youths, diverse genders, racial background, personswith disabilities, and fresh graduates (Thomas, 2005).

Themanager can enhance staff development through implementing arecognition and reward system. Every employee will strive to achieveoutstanding performance if the organization promotes people with highperformance rating internally. The manager can also provide employeeswith opportunities for further training through scholarships andflexible work schedules. Introducing benchmarking opportunities incompeting businesses is another valuable source of information.Lastly, a business should establish structures for providingcontinuous mentoring and education on staff members (Thomas, 2005).

DoubleStack Café HRM can ensure to maintain fairness when recruiting staffthrough advertising open positions in the organization, as well asgiving comprehensive details on the requirements of eligibleemployees. Second, the manager should elect a recruitment panel thatwould assist him or her in identifying vacant positions, evaluatingapplicants, and interviewing potential workers. Third, the businessshould leave room for adjustment and improvement. Lastly, the companyshould offer attractive remuneration package that would suit therequirements of every staff member (Thomas, 2005).


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