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TheFirst Choice

The human mind is said to be in acontinuous process of development and evolution too. The variouschanges bound to occur contribute to the behaviors of the humanbeings. It is important to note that the development influence howhuman being upon being annoyed or mistreated. The levels of crueltymay vary depending on the anger levels. Some of the actions thatmight be taken may depict human beings in negative light though theymay have come up as a result of being mistreated. The above scenariois clearly depicted in the book “TheGreat Cat Massacre and Other Episodes in French Cultural History”by Robertdarnton. The book presents a classical case that exemplifiesapprentices being mistreated by their masters at the expense of thecats. This leads to development of a rebellion that leads to thekilling of the cats.

Human beings are naturally bornbrighter and smarter than most of the animals. Additionally, they areempowered with a powerful brain that is capable of coming up withcreative ideas. As a result, of this it detrimental for any party toimagine that messing around with human being at expense of animalswould work. However, this classical experience happens at a specifichome whereby a master mistreats their apprentices and even beatsthem. Additionally, the apprentices are feeding on rotting meat thatwas initially meant for the cats while fresh. This indicates thelevel mistreatment the human beings were undergoing. As a result, onecreative mind decided to make noises and screams to the maters atnight that resemble the cats sound. To their expectations, the mastergot annoyed and decided to execute all the cats. Among the cats, halfwere electrocuted while the rest underwent a full trial that foundthem guilty of witch craft and sentenced to death penalty. The movemay be considered ridiculous as it demonstrates the level of crueltyto animals

Now paying a closer look at thehuman mind it would be prudent to argue out whether the human isdeveloping either positively or rudimentary. The events to beconsidered include the act of feeding cats at the human being inaddition to the act of cruelly killing cats to influence decisionsthat would have made through consultations. Despite the numerousclaims by various authors that human mind is positively developingwith time. However, a lot is left to be desired given the ridiculousevents they have been overseeing. To begin it is beyond humanunderstanding the reason that makes a master to feed animals withbetter food that fellow human being .This clearly show thecapitalistic nature of master in the view of their employers whom arethe largest tax payers. This shows the exploitation nature of themasters to the fellow human being. It would be in order to object thefact the human continually improves given the various decisions thathave been taken and implemented relegating humanity.

Additionally, this would amountto a fallacy in the thinking of human beings assuming that all peoplethink on the same wavelength. Contrary to this it has been clearlyindicated in the preceding occurrences that human mind is not boundto continually improve on all cases since some choose to stick to theold out-fashioned inhumane ways. To demonstrate this we take inconsideration the decision by one to act like act in order to acertain resolution passed. The resolve that is anticipated is thekilling of the cats by the master (Darnton,2009).However, it would be important to note that the first choice wouldhave shaped the outcome differently. Considering the, the possibilityof dialogue happening between the masters and the apprentices torequest for better would have been fantastic. However, the firstchoice made by the apprentices was to aim at destruction and removalof all cats through a massacre. All this depicts human mind in badlight given the selfish ideas that are advanced in the event.Moreover, this is in the violation of the claim that human braincontinually develop with time. The events highlighted indicate thathuman brain development is optional and may not be forced or assumedto be happening at all. This is similar to the author’s observationof an alien element in the modern brain. Chiefly, among the elementsis egocentrism that continues t ruin human relationships that resultto mass casualties in the environments. A classic example is thecat’s massacre.

In conclusion, it would beimminent to suggest that human brain development is not automaticmeaning it dependent on taking a deliberate move to be rational(Darnton, 2009).&nbspAdditionally,the claim that the modern human brain is alien is baseless given thatpersonality is dependent on choice. Hence, the decision making rolesis dependent on the rational thinking of the individual. Theassumption is well informed by the fact that people have divergentview on various issues. It would be understandable to make a rationalclaim that human beings life is dependent on the first choice theywhile making decisions. Taking a perfect example of the decisions togive animal to people, the master would have taken a deliberate firstchoice to treat fellow human beings rightfully with dignity.Similarly, the apprentices would have resulted to dialogue as opposedto the cruel act of killing animals.


Darnton,R., &amp American Council of Learned Societies. (2009).&nbspThegreat cat massacre and other episodes in French cultural history.New York: Basic Books.

1 Credit where credit is due: thank you to Michael Denner for sharing this with me. Michael Denner, Cover Sheet, private communication, 21 August 2014.