DrugsQuality Evaluation

Thedrug quality used in health care facilities is critical to the levelof services offered in health facilities. As a head administrator ofa health facility one is required to maintain highest standard ofcompliance to the laws to ensure that drugs used to treat patientsare effective. Additionally, this measure enables the health facilityto avoid getting into suits whereby it is sued for using counterfeitor non compliant drugs to standards set by the Food and DrugAdministration body (FDA).Non compliance charges would amount toreputational risk of the Well Being Hospital. Additionally, thiswould led to the erosion of the public confidence in addition to theloss in profits .Furthermore, clients may sue the firm to the legalauthorities thus being penalized with heavy legal fines (Zweigenthal,2009).All this would affect negatively the financial status of the firm. Toavoid this it is important to establish proper communication channelswith the drug suppliers to ensure that drugs supplied reach thehighest standards set by FDA. To avoid getting into the trap ofselling unwarranted drugs the head of administration at Well Beinghospital would like to establish a clear communicating strategy withthe drug suppliers Get Well Drugs.

Thecommunication strategy to be used in the process is supposed to beefficient and transparent to ensure that both parties are satisfiedwith the operations. The communication channels to be establishedwould involve both digital manuals as well as manual processes. Thedigital media would involve e-mail exchanges between the procurementsofficer of Well Being Hospital and senior sales manager of the GetWell Drugs. This would ensure they are evidence of purchase detailsat the higher levels of administration (Jacobsen,2010).The Well Being Hospital procurement officer would be required to givespecific details of required drugs. Additionally, similarly the hardcopy documents should be prepared to ensure that they is physicalevidence. Furthermore, the documents should be delivered in thecompany of the drugs. In the presence of Get Well Drugsrepresentatives a sample of the drugs will be taken to the Hospital’slab and tested for the specific amount of the chemicals used in theircomposition. This will ensure that both parties are well served inthe deal .Additionally, in case of quality test failure the drugsshall be returned to the drug’s supplier premises and the hospitalcompensated for any cost incurred towards that. Moreover, the drugsshall be tested for other compliance tests in the in the country asset by FDA. The packaging material shall as a result be checked forany defects that shall be reported to the supplier company directlyto the managers involved this will ensure that the hospital is notgot off guard(Zweigenthal, 2009).

TheFood and Drug Administration (FDA) body s charged with ensuring thateffective drugs are served to the American citizenry. The bodyregulates both over the counter as well as prescription drugs. Thesole purpose of this is to ensure that people are served using bestpossible drugs. The body does not allow for the compromising of theset standards .Additionally, the body also controls the biologicaltherapeutics and generic drugs that hospitals may want to serveclients with(Beaglehole, 2009).As a result the compliance to the FDA standards is important. To getproper information concerning the drugs offered by the drug supplierit is important to plan a set of questions to be subjected to the suppliers. The question plan shall include, at what stage of drugpreparation on trial is the drug released to the market. Secondly, aspecific number of drugs shall be picked and the drug supplier requested to give a comprehensive report of each. This will enablethe hospital evaluate the suitability of the drug supplier. The firmshould also be requested to provide information on whether it mixesits drugs with some illegal drugs in some of the states.Additionally, if the drugs supplied are generic, the firm will berequired to provide pharmacokinetic properties, dosage strength, andcorresponding drug name (Beaglehole,2009).Moreover, the route of administration would not be required. Theother question should enquire about the patency of drugs issued(Mahal, 2010).The drug supplier should be able to explain the patency of all thedrugs that will ensure the firm is not involved in tussles involvingpatency disputes. Additionally, for the therapy drugs the hospitalshould be able to check for their compliance with the FDA compliance.This will ensure that clients do not complain of being issued withunder quality drugs that not effective to their health needs. TheHospital should also be able to question for the development processof the drugs by the company. This will ensure that the whole processis fully compliant. Furthermore, for the new drugs being issued tothe market to the clients should be able to prove its efficacy in themarket. This will ensure that potentially harmful or ineffectivedrugs are not introduced to the market.

Thefindings from the Get Well Drugs require to be forwarded to theconsortium of nurse and physician in the Well Being Hospital. Thiswill ensure they make the right decision in the market while orderingfor the drugs. To communicate this finding all staff members in thehospital a schedule comparing various drugs prices is prepared tocompare and contrast the price. Additionally, the quality andfunctionality of the drugs is evaluated. The finding will becommunicated in s form of technical analysis report. The report willinform the nurse and physician the best drugs that can be purchasedat a lower cost and ensure efficiency in treatment in addition to thecompliance to the laws. This will ensure that the best mental,behavioral and general services drugs are procured. An ideal exampleis the metal drugs, such as anti depressants, antipsychotic and moodstabilizers that Get Well drugs are selling at 25% percent lower thanother market players. Additionally, for the general medication drugssuch as pain killers the rise of drugs in the pharmaceutical industryhas been a partly 2% comparedto other market players that chargean extra 10% (Mahal,2010).

Inconclusion, it is important to note the importance of FDA in humanlife protection. The body ensures that human beings are treated withthe highest level of performing drugs(Funtleyder, 2009).&nbspOnthe same line it is important to note the importance of usingdrugsmanufactured by Get well Drugs. The main reasons include highefficacy, affordability due to the low prices. Lastly, the firm artof having robust research on new drugs enable the hospital to keepabreast with market development. The main con of using Get well drugsis the occasional shortage of the drugs due to high demand from themarket.


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