Educating Rita

Educating Rita 3




Thegroup has a fair introduction that tells the reader about what themovie entails. The citation is also very well placed and in thecorrect format. The way the group has arranged its work is alsocommendable since the reader can follow up in the parts (from part 1to part 111). The comparison made by the group about the film and thebook is well-done. However, the group has preempted the reader’sattention by giving the total details of the movie in theintroductoryparagraph.Group2

Theintroduction is superb, and it captures the reader’s attention allthrough the introduction and the body of the paper. The group alsohas outlined the characters and described them in a manner that thereader can form a mental picture. The joining part that relates thebook and the book is also well done. The organization of the group’swork in sections that have subheadings, from the summary, connection,and challenges makes their work superb. The paper some grammaticalerrors like the usage of punctuation marks and tense which can becorrected for better presentation.Group3

Theintroduction is brief, fluent and general. Good description ofcharacters that enable the reader to understand the film very well.The arrangement of the paper in topics and subtopics makes the workvery presentable and appealing. The reader is enabled to follow whateach and every part entails. The citations are also well done andplaced in their right positions. The diction of the paper may be hardfor a simple reader since the group has used difficultEnglish.Group4

Thegroup has given a fair and general introduction. The paragraphs arewell organized with each presenting its idea. Good description ofcharacters. The group has used the first person in the introductorypart instead of the third person.