Despitethe massive investments into education sector, literacy remains anarea of interest to many scholars. An achievement gap exist between children that are taught to speak in given language as compared tostudents that are read to given vocabularies at given age (Miller,2011).&nbspAdditionally, despite claims to achieve comprehensive educationalliteracy the ratio of books depends on the locality of a givenstudent. Higher book ratio is seen at middle class areas as comparedto lower income areas. Moreover, the level of high school still dropout is still very high. It is estimated that more than seven thousandstudents drop out of the learning system each year and fail tograduate (Miller,2011).&nbspThemain worry to this trend is the juvenile crime that is mainly done bythe high school dropouts. Comprehensive literacy instructions arerequired to ensure that we remain a world class nation.

Itis important to ensure that the education system accommodates allindividual in order to ensure a comprehensive well informed andknowledgeable population. The education system should be able tocushion students that academic failure due to their filial livingconditions ideal example is the lack of school fees. Propermechanisms and channels should be put in place to ensure that allstudents get adequate education to enable them compete on a levelground. Additionally the learning habits of the students should bemonitored to ensure that the risk of failure is minimized.Furthermore, instructional methods used to teach should be reviewedat specific times to ensure that educators are up to date with thedynamics in the sector. More importantly students should be motivatedto read more exposing themselves to greater heights of achievement(Miller, 2011).&nbspAbalance approach in skills imparting process should be adopted tocomplement the evidence based best practices to ensure that studentsachieve comprehension.

Inconclusion, it is important to note that comprehension in academiccan only be achieved through a thoroughly well though and designedframe work that enables students to be knowledgeable. This shouldalways be the driver to education.


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