Effective Marketing Management

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EffectiveMarketing Management

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EffectiveMarketing Management

Effectiveteam management is essential for the achievement of company salesgoals and ultimately, the profit margins. Effective marketingmanagement ensures that employees and members of the marketing teamprovide the required results and meet targets set by the employer.

Theimportance of effective marketing management revolves around the corecomponents of marketing. Juin (2000) notes the core components arethe creation of awareness on the product and services available tothe company. Achievement of higher sales and increment of sales isalso a core reason for marketing. Brand recognition is a product andreason for marketing due to the buildup of reputation. According toWilson &amp Gilligan (2005), marketing also ensures the presence ofa fair market for companies and availability of options for clients.The above processes create a routine.

However,Whetten (2005) notes that skills required for effective managementinclude flexibility, strategic risk management skills and planningand prudent risk taking. The application of the important skills mayupset the routine or norm experienced. Implementation of the aboveskill creates a discourse from the norm and provides results.However, expenses relating to changes in market management should benoted by the company before the application.

Accordingto Anderson (2014), the combination of essential managerial andmarketing skills seals loopholes such a losses due to poorimplementation of policies. Implementation of the policies and skillsrequires a favorable environment devoid of hostility from themarketing staff. Marketing is a dynamic process and management needsto maintain a norm followed by all the members involved in marketingthe company’s products and services. Hair, Bush &amp Ortinau(2000) note that continuous training and application of the marketingpolicies ensures the policies ‘freeze` according to the Kurt Lewinmodel. Change of policy for the achievement of better results givesvenues for use of the model and achievement of better results.

Accordingto Lovelock, Wirtz &amp Chew (2009), the importance of effectivemarketing management practice ensures provision of better service bythe company due to better input from the staff and individuals.Frequent assessment of the marketing process determines whether amarketing department is essentially managed.

Doyle&amp Stern (2006) ascertain that proper application of essentialmanagerial skills ease the implementation of changes in product andservice design. It is conclusive to note that service delivery andproduct awareness improves and ultimately results in brandrecognition that raises the company`s sales and profit margins.However, the assumption is made that the product or service meets therequirements of its target market.


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