Effects of Popular Culture on personal Beliefs and Values


Effectsof Popular Culture on personal Beliefs and Values


Popularculture consists of everyday events, objects and actions thatinfluence the manner and way that individuals behave and what theybelieve. Generally, all the things that we experience in our everydaylife can easily be considered as a constituent of popular culture.These experiences influence our actions in a restrained approachabout what is good and what is bad, proper and improper and what isdesirable and undesirable. Every day we consume, react and engagewith popular culture when watching movies, when listening to songs,when watching and listening to an advertisement, television, andcomic strips (Harrington &amp Bielby, 2000). These events influencehow we dress, behave, talk, think and interact with other people inthe society.

Popularculture, as aforementioned has profound impacts on my personal valuesand beliefs. First the artifacts that envelop popular culture havesignificant influence on our personalities and our lives in general(Browne &amp Browne, 2000).For instances, decisions regarding on items I want to purchase havebeen informed by commercials that I come across on advertisements inpopular dailies, social media sites and on television.

Eventhough popular culture has a profound influence on my dailyexperiences, the extent to which it can affect my decision making islimited to by values, ethical standards and social norms that guidemy conduct and behavior. In this respect, I will only allow popularculture to influence me to act in the best interest. Popular culturethat is authentic and meant to shape human conduct in the rightdirection, which brings purpose to people meaning, will ultimatelybring a sense of identity (Browne &amp Browne, 2000). Studyingpopular culture has given me a sense of meaning that goes aboveracial, political, geographical, and religious boundaries. This ineffect persuades us to lead a life in harmony with our social normsand cultural values.


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