Effects of popular culture


Effectsof popular culture



Popularculture, defined as the as the common or most dominant way of life,has had interesting effect in the modern society. The effects can begenerally categorized into positive and negative (Milestone, &ampMeyer, 2013). This paper summarizes the positive effects of popularculture and its texts and the role of media in all this.

Popularculture such as acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendercommunity (LGBT) and their associated texts have been instrumental inbroadening human rights and democracy debates. The discussion of thisrelatively new element in society has opened up discussion abouthuman freedoms and religion. They have been critical in diversifyingour thinking especially in regards to equality, human rights,discrimination of all kinds, diversity and democracy. Even mediahouses are now showing adverts that recognize rights of LGBTs.

Popularculture has led to increased globalization and unification of people.Culture is one of the many factors that unite people of variousbackgrounds and places them in one system and provides them withcommon purpose. Today, popular culture has been the common factor indiverse societies around the world. Take for instance social media,video games, movie superheroes, toys and music (Parental Guide 2014). They have brought people from all walks of life around the worldtogether to interact and exchange ideas

Themedia plays a major role in the spread of popular culture.Television, radio, newspaper and social media have been veryinstrumental in spreading and popular especially from the developedworld to the less developed world. Along with popular culture hasbeen education and enlightenment of people through comparisons ofideas and way of life (Adbusters 2012). For instance, reality showsthat celebrate American culture have found their way to othercountries and in the processes triggering such shows in thosecountries. For instance, Music idols, which was first organized inthe US has found its way around the world with the media playing ahuge role in spreading this popular culture.


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