is the backbone of any country economy most economic growth ispegged on the innovativeness and the spirit of entrepreneurship ofthe citizen. It is entrepreneurship that leads to market changes, newopportunities, productive competition and positive impacts in theeconomy. There are various types of entrepreneurship that requirespassion and application of energy to create, innovate, formulate andimplement entrepreneurship ideas. However, while most people haveviable entrepreneurship ideas, resources to implement such ideasimpede them from realizing their dreams. It is based on this groundthat Start a Garden company was founded to facilitate and enhanceinnovativeness in entrepreneurship by funding successful businessideas. This essay focuses on a critical assessment of three suchideas that have been presented to the Start Garden Company two ofthem have not been evaluated and funded.

  1. Rent–a-Runner Promotions (Not Funded)

TheRent-a-Runner business idea is based on how business corporationscould engage in sponsoring runners as part of promoting theirproducts. In this case, talented runners who are passionate about aparticular company are given a shirt with the company’s name orlogo and a coupon. These runners are supposed to participate inathletics and give coupons to clients.

WhyI think the idea of Rent-a-Runner promotion is good and fit to becomea business

Renta Runner is a great venture idea especially when corporate socialresponsibility has become part of aggressive marketing and publicrelation to win customers. The Rent-a-Runner business idea wouldenhance more marketing of business by adding a human element in thepromotions. An individual can reach and influence many customerspersonally compared to the normal public promotions.


TheRent–a-RunnerPromotion idea has great potential of growing and transforming into agreat promotion service firm because many businesses are looking forways of effectively promoting their services and products at the mostcost effective way. ThisRent–a-RunnerPromotions idea is great in that it is multifaceted in enhancing morecost effective promotion for businesses, creating employment orsources of income to talented individuals and developing the athleticsport which is a growing sport in the modern age.

WhomightbecustomersfortheRent-a-Runnerpromotion idea?

Inaddition, the Rent a Runner idea has a potential in becoming abooming business for training and developing athletic skills amongthe young and unemployed people. The business is viable because mostpeople like coupons and most businesses, corporate firms are in therace to outdo each other through promotions. In addition, athleticspersonalities will register with the business to have and developtheir athletic skills.

Istheideaalogicalsolution?Doestheideaseemfeasible?Whytheideais compelling.

Basedon the assessment of promotion needs by business and the growingathletics the business is viable. The business is viable because mostcustomers like coupons and most businesses and corporate firms are inthe race to outdo each other through promotions. TheRent–a-RunnerPromotion idea has great potential of growing and transforming into agreat promotion service firm because many businesses are looking forways of effectively promoting their services and products at the mostcost effective way.

  1. Global Warming Solutions- The Solar Electrical Gas Generator (Not Funded)

Theglobal warming solution is an interesting idea that will always raiseeyebrows especially in the modern age when the world is faced witheffects of global warming and diminishing resources. Theentrepreneurship idea focuses on the use of natural gas turbinegenerator that relies on energy from the solar to run.

WhyI think the idea of Solar Electrical Gas Generator is good and fit tobecome a business

Thesolar Electrical Generator is a great idea it relies on inputs fromnature to correct the problems in the natural environment and savingmillion tons of energy. The business idea looks viable and one thatcan have vast returns. Energy is an important component used to runeconomy and the resources used in energy production are fastdiminishing posing a threat to future economies.

DoesSolarElectrical Gas Generator solveproblemfillagapinmarketofferings,ormatchingtrendneeds?

TheSolar Electrical Generator seems a viable solution that can help fillthis gap more efficiently by utilizing the free solar to produce moreenergy. Many firms and nations globally are looking for cheapersources of energy, as such if this project was completed there arevast market for the products. One main reason the project iseffective is that it would lead to a reduction in the cost of otherenergy products, reduce greenhouse gases and possibly create morejobs.

WhomightbecustomersfortheSolarElectrical Gas Generator idea?

TheSolar Electrical Gas Generator is a great idea that would serve majormanufacturing industries, hospitals, schools and government agencieslooking for cheaper and efficient energy.

Istheideaalogicalsolution?Doestheideaseemfeasible?Whytheideais compelling

Thesolar Electrical Generator is a great idea that relies on inputs fromnature to correct the problems in the natural environment and savingmillion tons of energy. The business idea is feasible because itrequire cheap and available resources to run the generator. Inaddition, the Generator produces cheaper and efficient electricenergy than the available sources of energy. There is a large andpromising market in this business idea because firms, governments andpeople are looking for cheaper and efficient energy cheap andefficient energy is currently scarce and therefore, this idea isgreat and feasible.

Analyzingthe Solar Electrical Gas Generator idea and the Rent-a-Runnerpromotion

Whichof thetwoideasshouldgetfundingsupport?

Thetwo-entrepreneurship ideas are great and viable. However, aftercareful assessment the global warming solution idea through the solarElectrical generator is more convincing in terms of its intensity ofthe positive transformation in the society. In addition, the SolarElectrical Generator would have more customers through offering greatenergy solutions to many businesses. The basis of this argument reston the fact that, all over the world people depend on energy for manypurposes, solar energy is free and that the project has a higherchance of reducing the global warming problem. In short, themagnitude and intensity of positive impact the idea would haveglobally are great compared to the Rent-a-Runner entrepreneurshipidea.

WhyI do not want to risk $5000 in this Rent-a-Runnerpromotion idea

WhileRent-a-Runner is a great entrepreneurship idea, its scope of benefitsis limited to few people compared to the Global warming solution.Whilethis idea is feasible and viable the impact on the society and otherbusinesses is minimal. In addition, the market it would fetch islimited since most businesses have other ways of engaging in businesspromotions. In the same line, it may be hard to convince athletes torun particular business that they do not identify with. Lastly, thisbusiness requires more capital and efforts in order to give it a kickstart money for paying athletes and time taken to convincebusinesses and athletes to participate in the promotions.

  1. Hire Tide (Funded)

WhyIthinkthisideawaspickedand fundedbyStart Garden investments

Ina competitive job market today combined with an overflowing number ofjobless people who are often clueless on where to start in theirsearch for employment, Hire Tide was indeed an effective businessidea. Consider the number of job opportunities that arise each dayand the number of applicants in the market is it not hard foremployers to get the ideal candidate? On another front, has it notproved had to find part-time jobs especially for the inexperiencedcollege graduates? Well, Hide Tide was a great business idea thatfocused on linking millions of job seekers with prospective employersin a near perfect matching. The business idea rests on the notion ofcreating an efficient and fast way of getting part-time jobs forjobseekers and aiding employers get their ideal candidates.

TheHire Tide isamultifaceted entrepreneurship idea filling in the demands of themissing link in the employment sector candidates taking long timebefore they get jobs and employers finding it hard to get theirperfect candidate for the advertised jobs. Although, there are otherentrepreneurs in that field, Hire Tide base its uniqueness in that itoffers cheaper, more valuable functionality and target smallbusiness. Unlike other entrepreneurs in this field, this project hasa good target market in colleges and universities. The reason thisidea was funded is because it is in line with solving the risingunemployment problem and that its viability is feasible given itstarget market and the affordability of its services. Hire Tide was aneffective business idea that needed funding for creating an efficientand fast way of linking jobseekers and aiding employers in gettingideal candidates. The entrepreneurship idea (Hire Tide) is amultifaceted entrepreneurship idea filling in the demands of themissing link in the employment sector with its viability andfeasibility of its target market and affordable services.