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Themanagement of avian flu, otherwise known as bird flu or avianinfluenza is a major health care challenge due to the fact that it ishighly pathogenic. According to evidence based clinical practices,the most effective methods of dealing with the spread of avian flu iseffective infection controls through quarantine and isolation ofinfected individuals. However, quarantine of infected individuals isa contentious and complex issue in health care management. This isdue to the fact that quarantine and isolation of infected individualsimpacts on the civil liberties such as right to privacy, protectionagainst arbitrary detention, freedom of movement and discrimination.However, the rights and freedoms of the individuals are not superiorto the interest of the society. Large scale medical threats such asthe spread of bird flu require extraordinary procedures such asquarantine. If the interests of the society in this regard arebalanced with the rights and liberties of an individual, the publichealth concerns will outweigh the universal rights of the individual.Further, there are Siracusa principles justifies medical proceduressuch as quarantine and isolation. The principles are internationallyrecognized guidelines which establish the circumstances under whichcivil rights can be restricted (Kathleen &amp Nancy, 2009). Based onthese understanding, the President of the United States or thegovernment can issue an order to restrict or isolate individualssuspected or confirmed to be infected with bird flu.


Thereare numerous cases of avian flu that have been reported in humansince 1997. Due to the ease of spread of the disease with minimumcontact, few confirmed cases are considered a pandemic. Although somemedical practitioners support quarantine and isolation as a method ofcontrolling the spread of avian flu, the procedure violates universalrights and freedoms of individuals. The freedom of movement,protection form arbitrary detention, discrimination and right toprivacy are fundamental rights and freedoms. There are other methodsthat have been recommended as more effective methods of containingthe spread of avian flu among other highly pathogenic diseases. Thereare likelihoods of the quarantine and isolation order being misusedespecially if the affected group is a minority. Other than focusingon quarantine and isolation, the president should put more resourcesin the development of vaccines and other preventive measures andprocedures.


Birdflu is a highly fatal and highly contagious disease. As a result, anyreported case of bird flu requires stringent and extreme measures toreduce the escalation of the disease to catastrophic level. Ideally,medical experts recommend the isolation of individuals infected withhighly contagious diseases. Due to the mode of transmission from oneindividual to another, quarantine and isolation of infectionindividual is an important measure in the interest of the public.However, there are concerns over the civil liberties of affectedindividual. While it is difficult to contain an escalated bird fluinfection, it is relatively easy to manage the legal concerns relatedto quarantine of the infected individuals. The bird flue infectionhas the ability to wipe out a significant number of people within apopulation. It makes sense to infringe the right or freedom ofmovement of two or five individuals in the interest of the Americansociety. On the other hand, illogical to risk the lives of tenthousand people to protect the rights and freedom of five individuals(Salaam-Blyther, 2011).


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