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Familypressure and career choices

Thereare many ways through which a family can influence the choices ofcareers. The family includes parents, siblings, guardians and otherclose relatives and family friends. Although there are many factorsthat influence career choices, pressure from the family or influencefrom older members of the family is one of the most important factorin the modern society. For example, some children are brought up withideals of a particular career. This explains why siblings in aparticular family have adopted the same career path with theirparents. However, these influence and career pressures can benegative or positive. In some cases, young people have been forced toadopt a particular career path because their parents or guardiansbelieve that it is the best for them. Although can be good in somecases, some children tend to resist as they opt for their own careerchoices. This results into a career in which an individual does nothave passion. The family can also negatively influence the careerpath by not providing the necessary support to the young individual,for example inadequate financial support to pursue a good career. Onthe other hand, positive influence includes career guidance orchildren admiring their parents’ or older siblings’ careers(McQuerrey, 2014).

Inmy case, although there have been pressure to make an informed choiceof career path, my family has given me the right to chose a career Iam comfortable with. My parents have provided me with both financialand material to ensure that I pursue the career of my dream. Neitherof them has put pressure on me to adopt a particular career pathalthough my father would like me follow his career path.


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