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Wheneverthe body of a human being is hurt, either emotionally of physically,some nature mechanism are triggered which tries to defend and healthe body. Although physical harm and the resulting defense mechanismsare obvious, the emotional defenses are more essential. When anindividual is emotionally hurt, it may result into stress and anxietydue to emotional shock. The unconscious emotional defense as a resultof emotional shock is commonly referred to as ego defense mechanisms(Frager &amp Fadiman, 2013).

Thereare several types of ego defense mechanisms. In my own judgment, I amfond of using denial as a form of ego defense mechanism. Denialrefers to the rebuttal to acknowledge the emotional threat exists(Frager &amp Fadiman, 2013). Although unpleasant event or incidenceshappens in my life, I tend to denial their existence. For example,when I go to the hospital and I am diagnosed with a serious healthcondition, I tend to disqualify the doctors ability to diagnosecorrectly. I also have a tendency of ignoring individuals who hurtme. Also, I am heart by an individual’s acts I tend to ignoretheir presence or phone calls. Although it is recognized as one ofthe most common ego defense mechanisms, denial has several somenegative effects. Psychiatrists have argued that denial blocks theability of an individual to accept a certain unpleasant occurrencewhich makes it difficult to get over the emotional effects (Frager &ampFadiman, 2013). On the other hand, my father had a different egodefense mechanism. Whenever my father was emotionally hurt, he hadthe tendency of transferring the emotional harm to others. This egodefense mechanism is called displacement (Frager &amp Fadiman,2013). For example, if he had a bad day with his boss at work, hewould shout at anybody in the evening. Although it worked relativelywell with him, it negatively affected my sister since she developedfear.


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