Essay Skills Assignment

EssaySkills Assignment

EssaySkills Assignment

Internationalstudents faces difficult when come to English language. Aninternational student is required to travel from country to countryglobally. Individual country and nation has their own way ofadjusting the English language or any other language. The focus is togo into deal, why English language is a challenge to internationalstudents.

Firstand foremost, pronunciation is much a challenge. This entails howwords are articulated to unfold the intended meaning. Differentnations have their unique way of pronunciation of words and this maybe a challenge to an international students. Different pronunciationmay have more than one meaning and this may affect the mode ofcommunication.

Secondly,types of English language depending from their originality. As weknow, English language is much wide depending where it comes from. Acertain country may use a specific type of language, for instance:English (United Kingdom), English (United States). This may bringcontradiction of meaning and that affect the understanding of aninternational student.

Also,listening habits and writing can be a barrier to an internationalstudents. Poor listening habits may result to poor understanding ofthe intended information and thus once end up writing incorrectstatements. Poor listening may be effected due to the speed of howwords are articulated. Speed of speaking may differ from nation tonation hence some information may be omitted if the recipient is notattentive enough to coup up with the speed of the speaker.

Inconclusion, as an international student, one is required to learnmost type of English language if not all. This is substantive asimpacts into the students the difficulties he or she may encounterinternationally and try to see how to remedy some of them.