Ethical Issues



Article:Do bonuses promote cheating?


Summary:The article addresses the issue of the health care professionalstaking advantage of the bonuses issued in any case of reducedpatients’ wait time to ask for unjustifiable bonuses. The reducedwait time bonuses is a form of incentive started by the government ofthe United States to ensure that clients are seen quickly, whichwould in turn enhance the efficiency of the entire health carefacility. Under this program, administrators of health carefacilities are entitled to bonuses in case they manage to reduce thewait time. The article indicates that about 88 % of theadministrators cheated on the reduction in wait time in order to getfinancial bonus.

Ethicalanalysis:The article reports that the health care administrators have beenfalsifying records to show that have kept the wait time shorter. Theprimary objective of this falsification is to ensure that they get asmuch bonus as possible without meeting the stipulated criteria, whichis unethical. Although the issue of bonus to motivate the hospitaladministrators is legal and ethical, it has motivated them to crossthe ethical boundaries. This jeopardizes the government plan to offerbetter health care services to its citizens.


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