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is a belief that one’s culture or ethnic group is important thanthe other one (Cooper, 2012). An ethnocentric individual judgesothers relative to his or her culture based on aspects of language,religion, customs and behavior. The culture of each ethnic group is,therefore, shaped by ethnocentrism. The effects of the practice areadvantageous to some groups, while at the same time they disadvantageothers. The members who propagate the practice do not regard it asharmful because they always want to propagate the practice and win amajority.

Relatingethnocentrism to the movie “Hotel Rwanda”

Themovie “Hotel Rwanda” reflects a story of the fight for survivaland freedom based on tribe between the Hutu and Tutsi. The tensionbetween the two tribes leads to war in Rwanda. Incidences ofcorruption and bribe are common in the political sphere. Paul, themain actor and a Hutu is worried about the situation and seeks tonegotiate safety for his family and that of other refugees. In theend, he manages to save 1,268 Rwandan refugees.

Asa result, of obstructs in intercultural relations betweenethnocentric groups, groups cannot leave together in harmony (cooper,2012). The two groups grow enmity because as one group developsethnocentric attitude towards the other, the disadvantaged grouprebels in an effort to get back their freedom. For example, in themovie “Hotel Rwanda,” the Hutu uses their majority number toinitiate a genocide mission against the Tutsi, a move thatperpetrates enmity between the two tribes leading to social unrest.

Theconcept of ethnocentrism is a source of frustration and restlessnessamong people of different classes. Both the advantaged anddisadvantaged can spent most of their time on unhealthy activitiesthat are aimed at working against each other. In so doing, the roadto growth, acculturation and assimilation to different cultures iscurtailed (cooper, 2012). It is also difficult to disseminatereligious and culturally constructive ideas to the society. Thecooperation of the affected societies become impossible, and peoplehave to live in a division. In most times in the movie “HotelRwanda,” for example, the two groups work in different ends onetries to dominate over the other while the other fights back to gainits freedom against its enemy, resulting to conflicts.

However,ethnocentrism is not only disadvantageous, but also advantageous in away. From a personal point of view, the devotion to the society canonly be achieved through an ethnocentrism. Not only on the communallevel, the national solidarity and devotion in many countries is dueto ethnocentrism (Cooper, 2012). The spirit of patriotism andfriendliness within states is encouraged through this aspect wherepeople are taught to think that they are right in their culture andthat they have a common stand and thinking in what they do. Thepractice is employed to reduce the difference between differentsectarians in the society. For example, the Muslims have faith intheir culture due to the solidarity that is perpetrated byethnocentrism that is built from their childhood.

Theproblems of the average man are guided by the already made solutionsthat are different in different societies. The culture of one man maybe abnormal in the face of another because the superiority of anyculture is seen by those who practice it. It is the reason differentreligious groups respect and even work to exalt their culture overothers.


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