Evaluation of Competitiveness of Samsung galaxy S5 and I Phone 5s


Evaluationof Competitiveness of Samsung galaxy S5 and I Phone 5s




Marketingis a paramount tool in ensuring that customers are aware of whatcompany products are in store and what makes them different fromalready existing products. It is also responsible for introducing newproducts in the market and informing potential customers of thepossible use of the product to the consumers. Branding keeps thecompany’s products at a competitive position among the competitors(Hitt, 2013). Mostly, consumers associate themselves withwell-positioned brands in the market. This mostly affects therevenues of the company, as consumers are already aware of thecompany`s product and probably know how to locate the nearest store. Another instance to the strategy formulation and implementation isthe application of a thorough marketing research to establish whatthe consumers’ value.

Themodern world of management has witnessed drastic changes startingfrom new labor laws to integration of IT in the running oforganizations. In the study of organizational behavior, a cleardemarcation is drawn in the instance organization are lured toembrace change and innovation. Managers should master the art ofmanaging change and also integrate the concept of innovation in theirwork (Hopkins, 2006). This will avoid cases of becoming obsolete intoday’s world of dynamism. For any organizational change to beproperly implemented, flexible culture of embracing new things isparamount. Strategic management process encompasses many distinctstages and steps to be adopted by the management to achieve theirgoals, and this can be applied in branding for a competitive edge(Thompson 2014).

Marketingmanagement concept calls for a multi-faceted person with thecapability to handle the pressure and offer impeccable results. Manyare the temporariness that happens in the course of marketingmanagement and implementation of various branding strategies (Krafft&amp Mantrala, 2010). Change is being experienced in the jobcategorization and descriptions. This has explained the necessity ofacquiring new skills and also embracing the change. Managers arestruggling with dealing with more dynamic employees who call fortolerance and flexibility. There is an aspect of workforce diversitywhere managers are supposed to gear their managerial skills towardsrecognizing talents and not generalizing events. The ongoing highdemand for high-quality and productivity has resulted to the changeof managerial tactics (Hopkins, 2006). Managers are shifting focus onthe set of programs meant to improve the productivity and quality ofthe organization. It is the outlined overview that lay the foundationof evaluating the competitiveness of Samsung galaxy S5 and I Phone5s with the aim of outlining the various positioning strategies.


Itentails the communication of the products features and benefits to aparticular group of people. Marketers normally apply this strategy toshow the uniqueness of their brands. It is a component of marketsegmentation. The level of competition is aggressive in theelectronics industry. This has mainly resulted from well globallypositioned firms and also from new entrants. Nokia for instancedominated the world of communication gadgets for many years only forit to be overtaken by both Samsung and Apple (Speculand, 2009).Complacency in marketing management is a killer disease if not wellmanaged. The best approach to competition for any firm is to preserveand even grow new market share. The fierce competition in the mobilecommunication devices at both Apple and Samsung has been so stiffthat the two companies have been involved in court cases. The twofirms have applied different positioning strategies, ranging frompatents to the apps used to the shape of the mobile phones (Cant,2006).


AppleInc is an electronic firm based in the Cupertino, California in theUnited States. It has a market niche in the production of electronicgadgets worldwide. In revenue basis, it lies second after SamsungElectronics. Additionally, in terms of the market size it liesposition three after both Samsung and Nokia. It has distinctivelypositioned itself as a leading superior in terms of qualityelectronic products. It is a globally acclaimed household brand, andeveryone wants to be associated with the firm. The latest positioningstrategy was the launching of the I Phone 5s, which was welcomed inthe market positively (Hopkins, 2006). The company has highlyinvested in the formulation and implementation of the various sloganssince its inception.

SamsungElectronics company Ltd is a world leading manufacturer ofelectronics with its headquarters in Suwon, South Korea. It is theworld largest manufacturer of mobile phones and especially the smartphones. Also, in terms of revenues it is the world largestinformation technology firm. It has recently positioned itselfthrough the introduction of the galaxy series smart phones. Samsunghas positioned itself as a globally recognized household brandthrough its diversification to other household items (Cant, 2006).The company has an all inclusive slogan for inspiring the world atthe same time creating a future. This slogan works as an aspect ofwinning the souls of its consumers who want to be associated with thecompany of the future.


Customervalue propositions are the aspects that make it possible better tounderstand the core measures of the customer perspective. Customerhas always been said to be the boss, and this is confirmed at bothfirms. For instance, Apple Inc has incorporated health measures intheir electronic gadgets. The move saw Samsung launching its Samsunggalaxy S5 with improved health features. There is a policy of maximumcustomer focus. Any customer problem is resolved immediately and in adetailed manner. The sales people involved with channels managementare well trained to equip them with the right skills of the products.They are undertaken through a technical training aimed at raisingtheir awareness levels on the products of the company (Speculand,2009). Customer relation is another area of training that is given tothe sales people to improve their customer interaction. Quality inthe production process is strictly observed to meet the customerneeds. Samsung Electronics has opened several care centers worldwideto meet the growing population of its products.

Onthe other hand, Apple incorporation has invested in the field ofinnovation through the releasing of I Phone 5s. It is an improvementof other series but with advanced customized features. The design andengineering team invested on the shape, size and weight of the newphone series. They maintained thinness and the lightness in theincorporation of new apps and technology (Bullen, 2010). They alsoplaced emphasis on the touch and accessibility feature through theincorporation of the finger sensing feature in unlocking the phone.The graphics of the new model phone are far much higher and appearingas compared to other models and even a competitor.

SamsungElectronics Corporation has positioned itself in the electronicsmarket by launching the new galaxy S5. The phone has advancedcustomized features to fit the consumers worldwide. It has high pixelcamera, both on the rear and front with the capacity to zoom distantphotos (Lopes &amp Duguid, 2010). It is also fitted with waterresistant features to enable its users avoid instances of sufferingfrom accidents of the phone falling in water. The company hasinvested in innovation of high tech products. The designers togetherwith the engineers were able to research on a double shot camera toposition the phone in the market (Bullen, 2010). Samsung galaxy S5 isalso dust resistant due to the feature incorporated in itsmanufacture. The battery performance is very high compared to othermodels. The phone is also fitted with fingerprint scanner softwarethat enables the user to have privacy in accessing the phone. Thephone is sold under the slogan of the life of the user being poweredby galaxy S5.

Anotherarea of combined competitive advantage for both Samsung and Apple istheir value to intellectual property. Intellectual property is theform of intangible assets created by people and is protected throughcopyrights, trade secrets and patent laws. The two corporate have hadwars in terms of patent rights. There has been accusation oninfringement of rights in both shape and features for the twocompanies. Organizations in the modern world are shifting theirconcentration with tangible assets to intangible ones (Kapferer,2012). Some organizations have their intellectual property portfoliofar much ahead of their tangible assets. The two firms have been thefrontiers in the manufacturing of the smartphones globally.

BothSamsung and Apple have been able to diversify their products line toincorporate their respective consumers. For instance, Samsung hasdiversified to the manufacturing of other household items such astelevision sets and fridges and microcomputers whereas Apple hasdiversified in manufacturing of microcomputers and also offeringother services such as ITunes. This has been effective in reducingbuyers bargaining power as they have a wide variety of products tochoose from (Tulder, 2012). A narrow range of products allows buyersto wield power against firms as they demand more specifications fromproducts. The strategy has witnessed an embrace from the buyers thusincreased customer base resulting to higher revenues.

Itis the outlined overview above that lay the foundation of evaluatingthe competitiveness of Samsung galaxy S5, and I Phone 5s with theaim of outlining the various positioning strategies. In the entirety,both companies have succeeded in the strategic implementation processthrough crafting vision, mission and objectives. This is achievedthrough a process called strategic management that entail the formingof strategic vision, setting objectives, crafting a strategy andimplementing the strategy crafted. The two electronic firms’vision statement reflects the management’s aspirations for theorganization and their associated business. In addition to that, thetwo companies have invested in the branding of their products. Thishas helped them in the global position and effectiveness in thestrategy development. Competition amongst the two companies hashelped in the production of quality products. The two firms have,however, not been able to fight their place in terms of prices. Theirproducts are very expensive to the reach of the common consumer.

SectionB- Research Journal Aug 2014

Evaluatingthe competitiveness of two market leading products or brands: A caseof Samsung galaxy S5 and I Phone 5s

Theproblem of the research is an analysis of the two brands

Iintend to analyze the market for the two brands, and also evaluatetheir positioning in the global scene.

Thereferences used are resourceful in the field of marketing andmanagement. The timing of the research is very crucial, and,therefore, I have dedicated enough time for the essay writing andresearch.

Theworld of marketing has been dominated by many strategies all meant toremain competitive. This is taken care of in the essay.


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