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SuperfoodSmoothies is a locally owned mobile smoothie truck business that willserve all of Oakland County. The business will focus on offeringsmoothies to its patrons in a convenient and time-efficient way.Superfood Smoothies will offer creative, colorful and unusual freshand nutritious smoothies leveraging on culinary skills of anexperienced chef to design recipes of smoothies by ensuring optimumflavor as well as nutritional value. Our menu will be inspired fromspecialties in different regions and will appeal to a diverseclientele. In addition to offering quality products and an extensivemenu of delicious smoothies, our business will ensure customerawareness and loyalty, public relations and good publicity coveragethrough digital marketing, use of plastic cards with barcodes,forming strong partnerships and using locally sourced ingredients.

Intoday’s highly competitive environment, it is becoming quitedifficult for customers to differentiate one food truck business fromanother. Nonetheless, Superfood Smoothies aims at capitalizing on ourspecialty on smoothies to differentiate ourselves in the rapidlygrowing retail sector. Consequently, our client base will be men andwomen in their 20s who enjoy an active lifestyle. Generally,Superfood Smoothies will focus on two markets:

  1. People who work out more than 3 times a week- frequently at gyms, or perhaps outdoor running.

  2. People who are in restricted environment that does not allow frequent departures to search edibles and yet are passionate about incorporating fresh, healthy foods into their daily lives.

SuperfoodSmoothies will penetrate these two consumer markets by deployingmobile trucks in most logical and easily accessible locations e.g.gyms and farmer’s markets.

Noticeably,our business’s financial structure is quite promising. The initialcost is relatively less in comparison to many such start-upsnowadays. We aim to achieve huge financial success by offeringexcellent food and high-quality services. We have created financialprojections of in our first year based on the experience andknowledge of the target market. With a $164600, we anticipate salesof $254800 in the first year. Some capital will be contributedthrough a Limited Liability Partnership while the rest will be from aloan. The combined cost of sales will be $228600p.a which amounts to89.72% amounting to a gross profit of 10.28%.


Ourmission is todeliver authentically fresh, nutritious, and delicious smoothies toour customers in a mobile environment. Superfood Smoothies willstrive to operate in ways that promote financial growth, ensuring theexpansion of opportunities for our company in the future. Ourcommunity mission is to source our product from local and sustainablesources whenever possible.


Ourobjectives are:

  1. To provide high-quality smoothies throughout Oakland County.

  2. To generate a gross profit of about 45% or more and a net after-tax profit of 15% of sales.

  3. To provide a service-based business which provides high quality services that exceeds customer expectations.

  4. To develop a sustainable and profitable start-up business.

  5. Establish Superfood Smoothies as a successful mobile truck smoothie business and gain a large share of Oakland’s fast food industry.

1.3Keys to success

Thebusiness will become a great success due to several reasons:

  1. The products served by the business will be of very high quality combined with great customer service.

  2. The Superfood Smoothies menu will be unique and entertaining thus appealing to a wide range and varied clientele.

  3. Mobile trucks will be positioned in great locations with visibility and convenient access for the target market such as gyms.

  4. Superfood Smoothies will ensure a fine reputation through getting our name to the public.

Tosum up, the business plan is rational representation and lays thefoundations of our company’s philosophy, strategy and vision toguide the business.