Facebook and the Society

Facebookand the Society

Facebookhas enhanced the society by creating a world of communication,informing and sharing. Therefore, the fate of Facebook seems to bedevelopment of better features and become the main element ofcommunication that replaces other conventional models ofcommunication. Facebook and other social sites have transformed theway people communicate and how messages are passed from individualsto others. With constant and regular flow of messages andinformation, Facebook and social media platforms has made it easy andsimple to connect, learn, inform and share. This is because the mainfunction of Facebook is to connect people together in a manner thatmakes information sharing simple and networked to make the world aglobal village.

Facebookhas practically enhanced the way the society lives and communicates.Of all the benefits of social media site, the most popular is the useof social networking sites are to communicate with friends and familyespecially while they are away. Facebook has come to the rescue ofseveral people living away from home to enjoy continued support fromrelatives and friends through the Internet to share major life issues(Sarah 1). With the social networking technology, long distancecommunication is now simpler and accessible to all people in thesociety despite their age, gender and nationality. The technology hasalso helped low-income countries and societies to be more familiarwith modernity, civilization and computer technology.

Facebookhas brought people together and at the reach of each other. This isbecause Facebook has made the society more connected that ever beforein the history of human communication. Communication is important andhelps people to share ideas and information. However, information canonly be shared and passed to those who people are connected to(Kelsey21).What Facebook does is to connect people and provide a platform forfurther connection. Through these connections, Facebook helps peopleto create a network of people that share information through thesocial site. While other communication platforms only allow passageof information, Facebook provides a network that passes theinformation and ability to share the information to mass connections.

Facebookhas been over time criticized of discouraging face-to-facecommunication by providing an easy way of reaching out. However,Facebook facilitates users to maintain face-to-face relationship withfamily and friends in addition to the “virtual” contact andpersonal meetings. Taking into consideration the communicationfeatures offered by social networking, it is regarded as a tool thathas fully substituted the conventional communication methods (Kelsey21).Facebook is a great application for our society because of theircontribution to the increased interactions and communication ofmillions of people all over the world (Sarah 1). This is the reasonwhy Facebook is influential to the modern society because it allowspeople to build new relationships as well as reconnect with familymembers.

Facebookhas not just been beneficial for communication alone, but also inpromoting access to world information such as current affairs. Inaddition, Facebook helps in accessing information that may have beendeemed a restricted content like secrets (Fowler 1). The socialnetworking site platform has assisted people to access deeperstatistics about particular topics of interest especially politics.For instance, during the Iranian election protests on June 2009, theprotesting masses used Twitter, a social networking site to outwitthe government control over the Iranian media and telephonecommunication. In the US, a day before the previous presidentialelection, there was a lot of debate on the fact that the Democraticcandidate had more social media followers than the Republicancandidate in sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This leads to thebelieve that because majority using social networking sites are theyoung people, their opinions and decisions presents a powerfulinfluence and a word out in regard to any topic especially political.

ThroughFacebook, the society has become wiser through enhanced learning,especially students. Facebook is a very significant academic andresearch tool in the education system today. Facebook has helped inthis academic and professional growth by expanding informationsources and feedback to online students (Fowler 1). Through theirsocial networks on Facebook, students have the ability to gather moreinformation and learn new topics about their subjects of interests.

Facebookhas enhanced the society by having an enormous impact on people’slives through its application and tools. As far as there are few whodon’t believe this, it is a bare fact that Facebook is beneficialas long as users can be in charge of the web and not the web to be incharge of them. The use of Facebook is important for official andsocial communication as well as access to information. The ability ofthe social media site to shorten communication distances betweenfamilies and friends is the top benefit of the site. In addition,Facebook has left people more connected, more informed, smarter andmore involved. Therefore, Facebook is a magnificent tool with goodoutcomes that have enhanced the society.


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