Feasibility Report on Beach Erosion

FeasibilityReport on Beach Erosion

FeasibilityReport on Beach Erosion

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TheBiggs County Parts Department had raised some proposals that can beapplied in solving the problem of beach erosion after a previous duneproject failed. The previous project aimed in rebuilding the duneswhere they planted Christmas trees to enable sand compartment.Hurricane Claudette wiped out the sand of the county beach in U.S in2003 leaving a void (Schwartz, 2005). The proposal for other projectaimed at restoring of displaced people to their residential areasthat can lead to economic growth and progression along the beach(Williams, 2002). The measures that I had approved included

  • Establishment of seawalls

  • Building of groins and jetties

  • Replenishing of the beach

Theappropriate measure I have chosen is replenishing the beach. The U.Sgovernment will organize how the sand will be transported to thearea. Refilling the sand in the area will build the former dunes intotheir normal state. I have identified various sources of sand enoughto cover the eroded Biggs’s County beach (U. S. Government PrintingOffice, 2010). The sand will be pumped from the sea shelf, lagoonsand the pits around the beach. Only small part will left steep aftercovering the upper side of the beach.




Total Cost

Construction Time

Read’s Bay

Replenishment of the beach



Paynes Bay

Replenishment of the beach


1year and 5months


Replenishment of the beach




TheBiggs County should rely on the U.S government and otherNon-Governmental Organizations on the raising the estimated amount toreplenish the beach. Six years will be spent to complete the project.After completion, the displaced people will occupy the areas wherealso some business can be established, which will help in growing anddeveloping the economy of County.


TheBiggs County should put precaution measures to protect the beach fromerosion. No human activities should be carried out around the beachinvolving extraction and displacement of sand. The government shouldalso construct a wall that can block any Hurricane wind that mayoccur.


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