Field Site Location


FieldSite Location

ThePlot Picture

Theplot selected for the class task is a natural, undisturbed area atHawk Nest Park in EastLansing&nbspcity.The plot contains good plantation with green shrubs on a large field.The plot is located at a distance from the residential buildings inthe area and has no extreme encroachment from human activities. Theselected plot is an estimated 40 square meters located away from thefun-filled area of the park.

Thechoice of this location was influenced by the ease of reaching to theplot and the calmness of the area. In addition, there is an access tothe largest and extensive area in the park since the park is allowedto be used as a public area. According to Kohler(2002), a field study area should be natural and undisturbed by humanactivities. Thepark is a recreational facility with a large area and with thenatural environment as a park. Therefore, all the experiments, fieldvisits and classtasks will be done in the selected plot.

Theprediction for the plot is that there will be no major changes in thefuture that will affect the results of the biology tasks. This isbecause the park has protected and supported by the department ofnatural resources of the Michigan City. Due to the protection by thenatural science department, the park and the plantations of the plotwill relatively remain the same from time to time. This means thatthe plot will have the same biological and environmental features atevery visit. This makes the park a good location for the scientifictasks that will be done in the biology class. Moreover, the park canbe visited several times, especially for educational purposes.


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