Film Review





Themovie setting exists in the period that lasted between 1940 and 1970.The period is characterized by a lot of gambling activities. Thestory revolves around the life of one family in China. The familystruggles through fierce political struggles and unfavorablepossibilities that life presents. The problems that follow the familybegin from the gambling habit of Fugui. Xu Fugui was the head of thefamily in the movie. He loses property to Longe’r throughunsuccessful gambling activities. His family disintegrates as aresult of the gambling activities. The family loses cohesion andpossession of most belongings through the gambling habits of the man.The film projects the wife of Fugui as the heroine who brings thefamily back together and set them on the right course once again.


TheTheme of Human Resilience

Themovie portrays the theme of human resilience through focusing on howthe family struggles to live a quiet life in the midst ofdifficulties. It presents a life that is complicated by unstablepolitical and economic atmosphere in China. The family lost cohesionand wealth at one time due to the challenges that existed in thecountry. Life in China became difficult due to the existence of civilwars in the period that preceded 1970. The complication in life wasalso as a result of the numerous movements seeking revolution as wellas freedom from the oppressors. The unstable political situationsforced families to disintegrate and shift from one place to the otherin search of peaceful dwelling places within China. The familyrepresents other Chinese families that existed at the time ofpolitical instability. The movie portrays how the families enduredthe hostile conditions in China to find a quiet and stable life.

TheUse of Humor in Relation to Personal Relationships and how LivesUnfold

Humorhas been used in the movie as a means of introducing Fugui andpartner to the military. Having lost family possessions throughgambling, Fugui resorts to holding shows involving shadow puppets. Itis during one of the shows that they are captured by therevolutionary army. The army used their show to entertain themembers. The shows that Fugui performed for the revolution armyhelped him in earning a certificate of service. The certificate ofservice prevented him from being executed by the revolution army. Theintroduction of Fugui into the army through shadow puppet helped inprotecting his life.

Fuguiescapes death through the humor of the puppet show. The relationshipbetween Fugui and the army was essential in bringing out thestruggles that the family went through. Fugui had to survive for themovie to achieve other themes such as resilience. His daughter becameill during the time that he was captured by the revolution army. Theillness led to his daughter developing deafness and dumbness. Fugui’spartner in the puppet show becomes the chief later in the movie. Hispartner is the one who brings a kind suitor to marry his deaf anddumb daughter.

TheRelationship between the State and the Individual

Themovie portrays the relationship between the state and the citizens assevered. The revolutionary movements in the movie were responses tothe injustices committed by the state towards the citizens of China.Fugui`s family represented the suffering people of the Chinesecommunity during the war. The state had failed to protect the peopleand engaged in actions that led to the existence of civil war inChina. People struggled a lot without the support of the government.