Final Project Milestone Gangsta Rap Song


FinalProject Milestone: Gangsta Rap Song



Gangstarap is a form of music genre that emerged in late twentieth century.It consists of rhythmic music that is accompanied by rapping andchanted speech. It evolved as a section of hip hop culture withdifferent styles like break dancing, scratching and sampling(Zephaniah, 2011). The lyrics used by these gangsta rappers wereactual reflections of the reality in the society. For instance, theyrap about rape, urban crimes, murder, guns and women role in thesociety. Many people believe that these songs are controversial. Thisstyle has received numerous criticisms from religious leaders whoblame it for promoting sex, racism, gangs and drug abuse amongstothers. Either way, Gangsta rap was the most influential type oh hiphop in the twentieth century (Zephaniah, 2011).

TupacShakur is an influential rapper. His songs focus on poverty, gender,race, violence, capitalism and social consequences. In analyzing thetexts of one of his songs KeepYa Head Up, thissong means a lot to those living in poverty (Harris, 2010). Theconcepts addressed in the song portray feminism and anti-racismtexts.

I`m amused why we take from our womenwhy rape our women, why notlove our women?I think it is a chance to kill for ourwoman`sTime to heal our women, be real to our women

Thetexts in his lyric clearly show that he is demonstrating againstracism and harassments that black women face as a result of poverty.He expresses their sorrow on how they are abused emotionally and areignored. He argues how the white supremacy teaches referring toblacks as having no feeling (Harris, 2010). The words real, heal andkill are necessary and address different issues. He uses these textsto urge men to take control, be honest and protect their women.


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