Thebridge that leads to your careersuccess

What do I need to have to succeed in ?

Be able to analyze financial informationdiffusion Be able to make valid predictions

Be good in mathematics and Economics Be able to apply financial economics theory

Afinance degree is HARD to achieve, but it is worth the Effort!!!

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Reflectionon the process of drawing the poster

Indrawing this poster, the intent was to explain to the student whyfinance major is a good career choice. Therefore, I thought on thebest way to capture students’ attention and convince them to study. The poster has been designed to elicit interest andattention among college students on the importance and requirementsof studying finance. The arrows and the arch diagram design signifythe technique used by most teachers and class books in explainingimportant concepts to students. Its use in this poster therefore,gives the poster a more appealing, simplistic and understandableclasswork impression. Looking at the arrows, different colors and theboxes makes the poster draw attention to the information conveyed andtherefore, attract the students to the poster(Middleton &ampHerriott 45).

Thedifferent word formats and colors used give the poster an attractiveappearance that captures ones attention. The pictorial captions alsoenhances the appealing effect of the poster as well as giving theposter more meaning as related to studying finance. In particular,the first picture shows a calculator a common device used bystudents studying finance, this gives the poster a more realistic anda finance classwork impression to the targeted audience who arestudents. In the same line, the calculator also symbolically shows afield where finance students could work in tax returns department.

Thesecond picture illustrates books, some calculations on the board andthe teacher this gives the student a snippet view that studymeans doings some mathematics in some units of the course andstudents should be prepared for that. The other pictorial captionindicates a banking hall and customer service personnel at work thisgives students an impression of some areas where they can work. Thefourth picture also indicates some form of cost benefit analysisthis is one skill learned by the finance students as a part ofimparting them with necessary skills of making financial advice toclients. Therefore, the use of these pictorials helps the targetaudience to draw a relation between what the picture shows and thesubject matter of finance. Furthermore, the message carriespersuasive and educating tone that is common in schools.

Thepurpose of this reflection memo is to show my experience in makingdigital remix in which information from text was converted to aposter. The process has enabled me learn much on the process ofdigital remix and how the article content and audience changes. Inthis case, I have learned that, while drawing up a poster from anarticle the content is condensed and more appealing aspects are addedto make the theme more captivating than it would have been in textform. In addition, I have learned that while changing a text toposter format the audience changes as well as the level ofattraction. Similarly, while drawing up the poster more subjectiveand appealing language tone is used unlike in texts whereargumentative language may be used. Overall, the process of digitalremix has expanded my knowledge in converting, condensing and makingrevisions on a text to make an appealing poster.


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