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Reflectionon Digital Remix project

Theposter has been designed to elicit interest and attention among thecollege students on the importance of studying . The bluecolor symbolizes conservative paint used in many office buildings inorder to capture students’ attention and maintain the poster colorharmony. The picture caption makes the poster have an office setupimpression in which clients are served. In addition, the blue colorsand word formats used gives the poster an attractive appearance thatcaptures ones attention. Furthermore, the ‘cloud call out’ andthe ‘smiley face’ also enhances an appealing aspect to the targetaudience who are young college students. Similarly, the messagecarries a persuasive tone that is common in schools. Overall, theposter carries the impression of persuading the students to pursuefinance while in school or class by giving reasons why it is good todo so.

Whendrawing up a poster, the message and theme does not change from thatof the original article. Information is condensed and summarized toenhance more visual appeal by selecting important points from thearticle and using them to design the poster. The design of a postervaries greatly from that of the article in terms of visual appealsand the formatting used. The language used is more provocative andstress more on creating attention on the part of readers who arestudents. Furthermore, posters give limited access to informationcompared to the original article this is important in eliciting asense of interest on the part of the audience.

Postersconvey brief information that could even be subjectively biased toenhance a more appealing effect. For instance, in the above posterthe original article was more neutral and less subjective than theinformation appealing on the poster. In addition, the article had awell augmented thesis unlike the poster where the audiences are leftto critically assess the snippet view of the whole information.However, the poster content and theme is not different from theoriginal article. Another visual difference between the article andthe poster is that, pictures and other visual appeals have been usedto make more appealing effects (Timmers 203).

Ingeneral, while a poster and an article convey the same message, thereexists a great difference in their approach of the theme to theaudience. Another aspect of changing articles from one genre to theother is that the author of the poster may not necessary followgrammatical or other literally styles as far as the message can beeasily read on the poster (Noble 2002).


Noble,Ian. “UpAgainst the Wall: International Poster Design.”Mies, Switzerland: RotoVision, 2002.

Timmers,Margaret. “Powerof the Poster.”Victoria and Albert Museum. 2003.