Freighting and Telescoping My MacBook Pro laptop Unit

Freightingand Telescoping: My MacBook Pro laptop


MyMcBook Pro laptop, the new model with the Retina Display, and has thefourth generation core i7 processor from Intel, is one of the mosttechnologically advanced gadgets ever made so far. This laptop,nicknamed MacLove, a name suggested by Tom, a friend sincekindergarten, who has an old laptop by a different manufacturer, mysister Leslie, who is a freeloader, and my dad, who bought me thelaptop on my last birthday, dislike it for the way I treasure it andthe amount of time I spend hunched over it. It is this laptop that Ivalue so much, to the amazement of many including my own family, thatI would rescue first if our family house was to be on fire.

Themain reason I love my MacLove is largely due to its technologicalfeatures, notwithstanding its brand, many people being fascinated byApple products irrespective of their value or usefulness. I have hada longing to own a MacBook given that it is considered as thein-thing among my peers in school. To me the, laptop is not just acomputer in which I can use to access the internet or accomplish myassignments, store my music, play my games or watch movies, itprovides me with a degree of emotional satisfaction that I have notfound in any other gadget. Such a feeling can be remotely comparableto my first puppy, a dachshund. The laptop, courtesy of the brand andthe features that it possesses, which are at the higher end of themarket, provides me with bragging rights among my friends and peers.

Asaforementioned, this MacBook was a birthday present from my dad. Hewas well aware of my desire to own such a laptop after several monthsof ranting about it and even bringing home an Apple catalogue, doingmy best to suggest to him to buy me this MacBook version, an upgradefrom a previous model. My dad does not share my enthusiasm ontechnological gadgets but is more adept at looking at thefunctionality of items. To him the main functions of a laptop are theconvenience it offers in form of portability compared to desktopcomputers, ability to access my college portal and accomplish myassignments and play basic games. I therefore spent a lot of timeemphasizing on the importance of a feature laden laptop to increaseit functionality such as playing games, video games require a betterdisplay a higher graphics memory.

Oneof the most impressive features of this laptop is the high resolutionretina display screen of 2880×1880 pixels. This translates into morethan five million pixels packed in a screen that measure just 15inches diagonally, the common screen measurement method also used fortelevisions. To put this into perspective, the iPhone 5, 5C and 5Shave a screen resolution of 640×1136 which results into about 700 000pixels in space of 6.7 square inches, one of the best in theindustry. The laptop is therefore capable of presenting a new levelof realism, one of the major motivations behind naming of the highresolution technology “Retina”, borrowed from the human eye whichcomprisesof a light-sensitive layer of tissue lining the inner surface of theeyethat is responsible for creating images in the same manner as a filmbefore being sent to the brain where the negatives collected aredeveloped into images. With such an imagination of what such screentechnology could achieve, my imagination has always been wild, oneelementary teacher was always baffled by my thoughts, I was thus verydesperate to sample it and even own such a gadget.

TheMcLove has a solid state drive (SSD) for a hard disk, the technologyis much better than the SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment),high end premium SATA drives record best speeds of 480MB, my SSDrecords top speed of 725MB which is quite impressive. The SSDtechnology on hard drives is longer lasting than the SATA technology,the SATA technology has moving parts, with a spinning arm that hassensor, such as the one found in DVD players and DVD ROMs, they readdata from layers of metal platters with magnetic coating, the sametechnology used in CD’s to read data. On the other hand, SSD drivesdo not contain any moving parts, non-moving parts imply there is lesswear and tear which make them last longer, friction is the largestcause of wear and tear in SATA drive as the parts cannot belubricated, lubricants are essential components for moving parts asis the case with automobile engines.

TheMcLove battery life is quite impressive, guaranteed 8 hours run time,many other models have a battery life of just about four hours, whichcan actually be less if many programs are being run simultaneously.This battery means that I can carry my MacLove to school, where mostfellow students have advanced to tablets and iPads, they are verybeautiful and looks classy but their battery life, power and speed islimited by their small size. Carrying around my MacLove, whichconsiderably light at just four pounds, means that I can access mygames, my music and the unbelievable speed that the laptop posseswithout worrying about recharging it constantly, the power sockets atthe school, located mainly in the library, which is usually full, aremostly occupied by persons recharging their mobile phones, Iphonesand tablets.

TheMacLove goes beyond its functional specifications and technology itpossesses to an emotional connection, Tom has compared thisconnection to a relationship with a girlfriend, though he has neverhad a girlfriend to know how such relationships work. This connectionis based on the fact that I store most of my sensitive materials onthe laptop, I have encrypted some and password protected sensitivepersonal data, this keeps my sister, who has never made an attempt torequest a laptop of her own, away from snooping around too much.Furthermore, spending much of my time on the laptop, which includesfree time and study time, though in most cases I get carried away andswitch to games while I should be studying, a habit that I am lookingforward to kick, means that I know my way around in the manner I havestored my files and thus they are easily accessible to me.

Thegadget goes beyond a laptop, it is a companion, one who is notdemanding and meets most of my needs within reason. It is for thisreason that I treasure it most, the fact that I got is a present frommy dad has also made it extra special, not many dads have bought suchpricey gadgets for their children, and laptops from othermanufacturers with decent features go for a fraction of the price ofthe MacBook. So in case of fire, the thought of fire alone scares me,I once burned my hand in a pit fire back in elementary school, thefire that burns with popping sounds from pine wood, I would save myMacLove because it is my most treasured item and I cannot imaginelosing all that I have stored in this gadget for anything, my sistercalls this obsession.