Future focused leadership book review


Futurefocused leadership book review

Inhis book, Future Focused Leadership, Gary Marx introduces his readersto the rapidly changing culture and offers a solution to cope withthe same. The author is concerned about future leadership in therealm of a dynamic world. The book is comprehensive and consists offive major parts all discussing the elements of future leadership.Marx wrote this book in response to the dynamism of the world thus,the need to prepare people to realities. Future focused leadershipinforms the community of what is best in pursuit of education foreffective future leadership. The world is evolving a greater speedand it is only essential to prepare the community to cope with futurechanges. Much detailed and comprehensive book, future focusedleadership takes the readers through various processes and activitiesfor coping with the expected future changes.

Oneof the major points that Marx points in his book is that leadersshould be connected. This means that education should touch on everyhuman aspect. As such, the educators should also be connected inorder to prepare students for future leadership. People need torethink their ways and embrace the broader ideas from others.Successful leaders must be highly connected for them to remain on topof the game in this competitive world. It is, therefore, imperativefor education leaders and generalists to help students to learnvarious subjects cutting through a myriad of disciplines. They needto scan the environment and seek opportunities that bridge the bodiesof knowledge, ideologies, culture and political divisions. Today,leadership is slowly acquiring a vertical shape as opposed tohorizontal. Those on top should realize that knowledge is growingrapidly and there is a greater need to invest in more to remain ontop. Although specialization is crucial, it is not enough to tacklefuture problems. There is great need to network with otherdisciplines to stay ahead of others (Marx, 2006).

Marx(2006) further argues that to remain connected, it is essential formembers of the society to constantly scan the environment. This helpspeople to identify opportunities, spot trends, and be informed ofemerging developments to make connections with an array of ideas.Similarly, scanning gives people an opportunity to serve thecommunity to move at a viable speed. Successful leaders must alsotake into account the ideas of creative thinkers in the society andposition themselves strategically to reap the maximum benefits.Information is a great tool of environmental scan that leaders cannotneglect. Environmental scanning is a great device for gatheringinformation and ideas that helps people to adapt to changes withoutfear.

Havinga vision is at the heart of every successful leader. Learners shouldhave a guiding vision to give them the courage to overcome allimpediments along the way. They should have a dream and work hard toachieve it by being innovative and keeping their heads high. Peopleneed to change and do things differently if what they are doing worksno more. It is time for learners to start thinking out of the normfor successful future leadership. Having a vision is the beginning ofthe long journey towards successful leadership.

Thejourney of a successful leadership cannot be complete withoutstrategic communication. Every organization that strives to besuccessful should not alienate itself from the society. It should bekeen to listen to the attitudes of the society to strategically dealwith emerging issues. This can be achieved by communicating with thesociety and identifying their needs. No successful leader ignores thevalues and attitudes of the society. Communication is a tool thatwhen well implemented can touch on the needs of the community ingeneral. The society has, and will always play a great role insociety in the light of this dynamic world. Thus, it is only prudentto have a strategic communication plan in line with an organization’sgoals, which contributes greatly to the ultimate plan.

Marxfurther explores the importance of having a profound plan and workingtowards achieving it. The plan should be implemented as soon as it isset without wasting time. However, it is essential to be aware of thesurrounding while pursuing one’s dreams.

Theultimate message that Marx sends to his leaders clearly depicts aneffective leader as one who is connected and whose leadership andcommunication goes hand in hand. He/she is also termed as one who isfuture focused and strategic. Further, such leadership arises fromtrustworthy relationships and team work from various stakeholders whoare constantly scanning the environment. The author seems to playparticular emphasis on connectedness as a major element of futurefocused leadership. Future leaders should be on the lookout forconnections with the larger society to remain ahead of the game.Having a vision and a plan is the beginning of a successful futureleadership. Both learners and educators can greatly benefit from thisbook in various ways. Businesses can also benefit much from thisbook.


Marx,G. T. (2006). Future-focusedleadership: Preparing schools, students, and communities fortomorrow`s realities.Alexandria: Association for supervision and curriculum development.