Goldland Construction Concept Limited (GCCL)

GoldlandConstruction Concept Limited (GCCL)



GCCLstands at the forefront in delivering innovative, practical andsustainable solutions in the construction industry touching oninfrastructure, industrial, real estate, commercial, andinstitutional sectors. Founded and led by a team of five with over100 years combined experience in the industry, we have amassedexperience, the art and technical knowhow in constructing andbuilding a better tomorrow and a solid future.

2.About Us: Corporate Profile

GCCLas a brand in the industry is relatively new government andcommercial construction company. Established in 2012, the firm hasquickly made a niche in the market through quality service,integrity, timely completion of projects and professionalism. Withheadquarters in California, the firm has embarked on projects onseveral states driven by the desire to gel innovation in design andtechnology to deliver superior quality structures.

Thefirm has progressed from a small local construction company to aregional entity in the building and construction industry. The firmhas already completed several complex projects providing high qualityand durable constructions for our clients using the latest technologyand state of the art systems. Employing the latest technology in theconstruction process enables the firm to achieve consistent quality,deliver projects on time and develop innovative engineering designs.

Thefirm employs over 500 qualified skilled workers with loads ofexperience in different fields of building and construction. Ourstaffs are well trained on the job to ensure consistent quality andsafety of our products in all areas. Their experience in the fieldalso enables healthy relations with clients to assist them withdesigning and development of products that meet their needs.

3.Our values


Westrive to not only to satisfy our client’s needs but also createlong term relationships and commitments based on honesty andopenness. The interests of our clients are an integral component ofour strategy that guides the organization all times and always.

Teamwork&amp synergy

Wevalue each and every one of our employees as a key member of the GCCLfamily. As a family, we recognize the need to stick together andpursue organizational goals as well as supporting one another toachieve personal goals with sincerity, devotion and hard work.

Unrelentingquest for excellence

Thefirm understands the need to continuously pursue quality improvementin all areas of operation. In this journey, we have embraced ouremployees as the key drivers of quality and innovative solutions thatwe deliver to our clients.


Atall times, we act with the highest level of integrity, meetingquality expectations and endeavouring to be reliable and responsibleto our customers and to one another.


Weunderstand that GCCL itself cannot handle construction and othertasks but the people who work for GCCL. Therefore, GCCL is not justthe employer but each and every one of our employees. We thereforetake pride in caring for each and every one of our employees as apart of the GCCL Company.

4.Vision Statement

Tobe amongst the Top 5 Engineering and Construction companies of in thestate of XXXY in our segments of interest by 2017.

5.Mission Statement

Towork with passion, integrity and to have a culture of excellence ineverything that we do to deliver quality services to our clients andto exceed client expectations.

6.Project Portfolio

Thecompany has completed and ongoing projects ranging from smallbuilding renovations to high-rise structures. Major ones include theongoing Paradigm Medical Centre which is a 18-storey building, CreekEdge Court which includes several townhouses among others all inCalifornia.These works provide an insight into our ability to employ the latestinnovations in design and engineering to deliver breathtaking durablestructures in tight time frames without compromising on quality.


Weseek first to understand the clients business and their perspectiveto learn what value we can bring to the venture and thus align ourservices to meet their needs. Our main services thus include realestate strategic planning, build-to-suit, public privatepartnerships, construction, civil engineering services, consultingand pre-construction.


Constructionand civil engineering services. The newly launched green structuresproduct is a product designed for environmentally conscious clientswhose main objectives are to develop functional green buildings andstructures. The product ensures that the firm makes a minimal carbonfootprint by employing green procedures and employing renewable andlocally available materials. 9.Goldland Difference- Quality Culture

Ourdesign and engineering team has a combined field experience totallingmore than 100 years. This means that the firm has engrained qualityservices and products in its soul to deliver the best value for ourclients. We firmly believe that if we cannot add value to theproject beyond what the customer expects or pays for, then we cannottake the project. As our guiding mantra, the firm is founded on thebelief of exceeding client expectations in terms of professionalism,work ethics, quality services and innovative design and engineeringsolutions.

Corporatequality policy

Qualityimplies meeting and exceeding the legal requirements and governmentpolicy on safety of buildings and structures.


Weprovide services in engineering and design solutions informed by thebudgetary limits, practicality and clients needs. To deliver thewhole package, the firm offers consultation services to our clientsto understand the project needs and the develop tailor made solutionsfor our clients needs.

10.Strategic Partners

Asa firm grounded on quality, timely delivery of projects and costleadership, GCCL has created a competent network of suppliers toensure that our inputs in projects are of the highest quality andmeet the legal requirements. Our suppliers also ensure that productsare delivered on time and at the best price.

Thefirm is also in process of qualifying sub-contractors as ourstrategic partners to aid in delivery of services to our clients.These subcontractors are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they have asimilar understanding of quality and design and innovation to ours.

11.Our Responsibility

Ourcore responsibility is to the client, the users, shareholders,investors, the law and the environment. Our designs and constructionprocesses are geared towards meeting client needs, ensuringconstructions are functional and practical, meeting investor’sneeds and working within the laws that guide environmental protectionand buildings’ and safety.

12.Facility Management

Ourteam of supervisor and managers oversee every step of theconstruction process from the engagement with our clients to thehanding over of complete projects. Our facility management also givesample space to the engagement of the client in every step of the wayto ensure compliance to project specifications and accommodate anynecessary changes where feasible.


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