Hate Crimes in the United States of America


HateCrimes in the United States of America

Hatecrime is a phenomenon that has been part of the American society overthe years particularly due to the social and biological diversityportrayed by the residents. It is evident that this is a country thathas people who can trace their origins from many places thus makingit susceptible to such despicable crimes. Hate crime usually occurswhen a perpetrator targets a fellow citizen due to a perceivedmembership to a given ethnic dispensation like ethnicity, language,gender identity, sexual orientation, and religion among others(Aguirre, 2003). The incidents in question may involve harassment,bullying, verbal abuse, and physical assault among others with theintention of causing physical and psychological damage on the victim.

Peoplewho commit hate crimes are those who subscribe to the ideology thattheir social dispensations and groups are superior to those of theircolleagues. This gives them the reasons to taunt and harm those whomthey believe are socially weaker than them. The victims of suchcriminal activities include blacks, gay men and Jews. In the US,there are over 8000 hate crimes reported in a calendar year whereminority groups like the blacks, Jews, and gay men are the primetargets that face the consequences of the same (Aguirre, 2003). Inmost cases, the majority of the community members, who are the whitesnormally subject their black and Jews counterparts to various formsof discriminations to pass on the message that the whites are thesuperior race in the country. The gay men are fought by most of thereligious groupings in the country who believe that sexualrelationships have to constitute of people from different genders(Hall, 2006). Such discriminations and hate crimes are leading tomassive legal considerations regarding legalizations of such sexualrelationships to make them legal for the benefit of the victims.

Itcan be argued that the causes of hate crimes are embedded in thesocietal view of the social groupings and activities of peopleforming part of the entire society. Hall (2006) argued that societalbeliefs and ideologies are the ones casing the hate crimes that theblacks and Jews are being subjected to since they are alwaysconsidered to be lesser beings than their white counterparts. Thecause of the hate crimes regarding gay men originates from thereligious and traditional beliefs that are in against same-sexintimate relationships thus the practitioners of such are subjectedto various forms of hate crimes. According to Aguirre (2003), thesecrimes have both the psychological and physical effects on thevictims. One of the most noticeable psychological impacts is lowself-esteem among the victims who feel alienated from the entirepopulation. The physical assaults cause severe pains to the victimsthus denying them chances of undertaking their activities normally incases where the perpetrators decide to use barbaric mechanisms toinflict pain to such victims.

Thereare a number of vigorous actions that can be taken by theindividuals, state, and federal governments to ensure that the casesof hate crimes are addressed in totality. One of them is preachingtolerance traits where people have to learn to appreciate each otherdespite their actual and perceived differences for the sale of theirpeaceful and beneficial associations. According to Hall (2006), theother mechanism is enacting of laws that shall enhance severepunishments on the perpetrators of hate crime. This is to discouragethose who intend to undertake such crimes as well as ensuring thathuman dignity is upheld to the required standards.


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