Health Assessment



Thishealth assessment was conducted on the basis of the functional healthpattern developed by (Gordon, 1994). This functional pattern acts asa guide that help nurses establishment different human and healthfunctions. This paper provides a summary of health assessment for afamily of the same sex couples and a daughter.


Thefirst item was the health perception where the family stated thatreligion plays an important role of helping the family become moregrounded. Medical examination is an exercise that helps in earlydetection and treatment of illness before they reach the chronicstage. The family stated that each member undergoes a medical examonce a year. In addition, all members of the interviewed family avoidthe abuse of alcohol by consuming it during social and in specialoccasions (such as a family gathering or during the holidays) only.


Nutritionis one of the key elements of health assessment, which indicates thefamily’s capacity to promote its own health and prevent illnesses.The interviewed family stated that it consumes fast food at leastfive times in a week and consumes fruits and leafy vegetables atleast twice a week. This shows that the family consumes fast foodmore often than fruits or leafy vegetable, which have more healthvalue compared to the fast foods. The family also stated that thefamily does not have the regular meal because of the tight schedules,which is not a good nutritional habit.

Sleep/ rest

Oneof the partners and their daughter experience difficulties insleeping, especially when the partner in question feels stressed andthe daughter waiting to sit for exams. However, the family works innight shifts and sleeps well during the day. The parents sleep forabout 7 hours, while their teenage daughter sleeps for about 6 hours.This shows that the parents sleeps for the recommended number ofhours (7-8) for adults, but the daughter sleeps for lesser hours thanthe recommended number of 9-11 hours for school age children (MayoClinic, 2014). One of the partners accepts that he does not getenough rest and sleep time.


Thefamily has a bowel movement at least once in a day. None of thefamily members experience any problem with the bowel movement. Thefamily also stated that none of its members have a problem with theurinary elimination. This shows that all the family members have safeelimination patterns.

Activity/ Exercise

Physicalactivity is one of the most important illness prevention strategiesthat are highly recommended for individuals of all age groups. Theinterviewed family stated that it never engages in any exercise,which is a poor health practice that can subject the family membersto different types of illnesses. In addition, the family stated thatit does not engage itself in any physical activity during leisuretime. This confirms that this is a busy family that has not time toallocate for physical exercise. From the interview, none of thefamily members was a member of any gym or activity club. This is afurther confirmation that the family does not attack any value tophysical exercise.


Parentsof the interviewed family do not experience any difficultyconcentrating, but the schooling daughter is forced by circumstancesto use Strattera to enhance her capacity to concentrate and focuswhile in school. In the family of three, only the one partner feelsstressed at times and the main reason given is that he does not makemuch money compared to the other partner. In spite of the cognitivechallenges that one of the partners and the daughters undergoes, allmembers contribute towards the process of decisions making on mattersthat affect the family. This is commendable because it makes each ofthe family members feel part of the group, thus enhancing thecognitive development and wellbeing.


Fromthe interview, none of the family members have ever experiencednumbness or tangling in hands or in the feet. In addition, none ofthe family members of the interviewed family have ever experiencedproblems in sight or hearing abilities. This implies that all thethree family members have stable sensory perception. One of thepartners stated that he have been experiencing instances of headache,especially when he misses a cup of coffee in the morning.


Theparents of the teenage school who are of the same sex felt scaredabout the opinion of her schoolmate, but the fear have disappeared.The parent states that their fear disappeared after learning thatkids are becoming open as the age. One of the parents seems to beconcerned about the body weight. He states that he has gained about60 lbs within the last few years. Regulating the body weight is oneof the measures of health promotion and illness prevention. The sameparent also seems to be very unsatisfied with his overweight body. Hestates that he is overweight and would like to regain his six packs.However, the family has no time to do what is necessary to controlthe body weight. This is a health risk to the family and it mightsubject the entire family to illnesses that are caused by overweight.


Thefamily of three has a strong relationship and the three livestogether. One of the partner acts as the primary provider for thefamily. However, the various roles that are necessary to keep thefamily running are shared fairly where one partner does the shopping,while the other partner and the daughter does the laundry andcleaning. The fact that roles are shared in a fair manner and thethree lives together is an indication that the family has a healthyrelationship.


Althoughthe partners are of the same sex, they have a satisfying sexualrelationship. The two partners do not use protection when having sex.In addition, the partners do not experience any difficulties duringthe sexual intercourse. Therefore, it is evident that the partnersthey have a healthy sex, though they do not use protection.


Thepartners never feel that their work pressure puts them under stress.The family of three people deals with stress through opencommunication and see the therapists in some occasions. The partnershave decided to officiate their marriage and their daughter haspromised them support. It is evident that social supports of one ofthe key features that have helped the family keep going in spite ofthe fact that the partners are of the same sex, which subjects thefamily to the risk of criticism from the community.


Basedon Weber (2005) list of nursing diagnoses, there are three diagnosesthat are relevant to the interviewed family. These diagnoses includethe risk of imbalance nutrition, the risk of disturbed body image,and readiness for improved activity exercise.


Healthassessment is an important process that helps the health careproviders in identifying the specific needs of their clients anddetermines ways in which the needs should be addressed. In case ofthe present study, the health assessment was accomplished byinterviewing a family of three, including two partners of the samesex who are living with a teenage daughter. The family has a widerange of health needs, including the negative self perception becauseof the body image, fear of criticism from the society for practicingguy, and poor nutritional habits among others.


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