Health Care




TheAffordable Care Act (ACA) is a health care statute that providespeople with access and affordable healthcare. It is worth notingthat, ACA provides the U.S citizens with flexibility and soliditythat they necessitate in order to make informed decisions regardingtheir health. ACA was enacted into law on March 23, 2010 by presidentBarrack Obama. Obama pushed it into law to allow an increase inquality and affordable health cover. The premium rate is lowercompared to other health insurance, thus majority of Americans canafford it (Gray &amp Lowery, 2013). However, for ACA to be fullyimplemented into constitution there are foreseen red tapes which thispaper aims to deeply discuss it.

Thereare some conservative groups as well as political parties, such asConservative Advocacy Groups and Tea Party Movement among others,which opposes ACA (Gray &amp Lowery, 2013). They argue that this law(ACA) will disrupt other existing health plans, increase deficit andincrease the cost of a fresh insurance standards. Additionally,others argue that there should be no universal healthcare, asinsurance should be taken equal to other merchandises that aren’tentitled to people.

Onother hand, there are opinions which have been raised by some unionsregarding the negative outcome of ACA to its members. They arguethat, ACA will not have much benefit to its members since it is“highly disruptive” to other health care plans union and it willhike the overall costs of union-sponsored plans. These unions mainlysupport upper market of health insurance, which is mainly controlledby rich people. Now a new player in the market with lower premium toits members will be viewed as hostile competitor, since mostcustomers can easily depart to the new entrant, thus leaving thefirst class unions with few customers, and as a result, it will beeasier for them to make loss than profit (Starr, 2011). In summary,due to distinct interest, not all people will be willing to implementACA.


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