HealthCare Systems

Long-termcare is of concern to the general populace given that over 10 MillionAmerican citizens presently need long-term support and services(LTSS). America’s health care system is likely to experience anuntenable demand for LTSS in 10 to 20 years with estimates showingthat the number of people needing LTSS will double by 2050 (Kane,2013). A large number of American citizens are living longer andgetting to the age where they need assistance. The appropriatelong-care system is to empower the community to be responsible forthe people needing to be assisted. The number of people in need ofLTSS is soaring at an alarming rate whereas the government plan isnot capable of comprehensively caring for all. Communities have thecapacity to come up with different solutions. This way individualsneeding assistance will continue living in the environment they areused to. Community initiatives have been successful in various partsof America.

Privatenursing homes are a great option for families or communities that maynot be in a position to take care of people in need of support. Theyprovide good quality service which entails custodial as well asmedical care. The arrangement is set up in a homely way unlike thetypical set up which entails halls and long corridors. Meals areprepared according to the actual preferences of the occupants andthere are also a wide range of activities to take part in.Professional Nursing care is offered at all times and a variety ofmedical experts are normally at hand to ensure each patient receivesspecialized treatment (Kane, 2013). The personalized and specializedattention is what lacks in public institutions as well as in homebased care.


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