Healthcare in the U.S.


Healthcarein the U.S.


Theglobal trends in the healthcare sector are worrying especially interms of the costs associated and the availability of trainedphysicians. Patients to physician ratio are going up instead ofdecreasing. Cost of medication has also gone up at a trendy rate, andit is becoming unbearable. It is, therefore, paramount to discuss thecauses of these worrying trends and provide a possible solution.

Ina given scenario, the number of doctors entering the healthcareprofession should match with those leaving through retirement orother causes. This has not been the case in developed nations withthe United States being worse hit. According to a report by SteveBerk, dean of the school of medicine Texas Tech University, theelderly population is rising. Physicians entering the retirement agebracket are also on the rise (Greenwald, 2010). This explains thetrend in the shortage of physicians.

Anotherreport provided by the journal of American Medical Association, U.Shas been hit by shortage of physicians because of the costsassociated with the studying of the course. Students who pursuemedicine are discouraged to practice as primary physicians because ofthe accumulated debts during their studies (Daly, 2005). This makesthem look for other greener pastures to cater for their needs, andthus a shortage in the number of physicians. As a result of thischallenge, the provisions of specialized medical facilities becomeextremely costly.

Tocurb the challenges faced by healthcare sector, there have beenseveral proposals to be addressed. Majority of the medicalpractitioners and policy makers in the healthcare sector haverecommended a reduction in the costs of medical training. Moreover,they have had a consensus in the relieving of medical schools of thedebts accumulated by students while studying. This can be donethrough increased federal funding to the medical schools. Anotherrecommendation is delaying the retirement of primary careprofessionals. Lastly but not the least, hospitals should hire moretrained nurses as a long-term way of addressing the challenge(Greenwald, 2010).


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