Healthy People Social & Economic Aspects

HealthyPeople: Social &amp Economic Aspects


HealthyPeople: Social &amp Economic Aspects

Changingdynamics in eating habits has made it more appreciative for people toobserve their health keenly. In this regards, Healthy people providesscience founded objectives for the nation in a bid to advance thewell-being of all American citizens. Through its vision and mission,Healthy People has instituted standards to monitor the progress ofpeople’s wellbeing over time (Healthy People, 2014). As such, theassessment of the goal of the establishment and the contribution ofsocial determinants to a person’s health will provide the frameworkfor people’s wellbeing.

Healthy Peopleseeks to create physical and social situations that encourage goodwellbeing for all people (Healthy People, 2014 Kumanyika, 2012). Inthis regards, it ensures that people interact in a community that isset at higher standards in recognizing dangers to good health. Inaddition, the establishment endeavors to attain health impartiality,eradicate inequalities, and enhance the health of all citizensthrough cost-effective and healthy means. However, it cannoteliminate these disparities without stimulating value of life,healthy growth, and strong behaviors through all phases of life.Finally, it seeks to accomplish excellent, lengthier lives free ofavertable illnesses, frailty, harm, and premature death. In thisregards, Healthy People 2020 has created processes and standards toensure and create a society where all people live elongated andstrong lives by making health improvements its priority.

Socialdeterminants entail social and economic situations and theirdispersal across populaces that affect people’s differences inhealth status thus, they are risk factors in a person’s health.Social determinants contribute highly to health inequalities thus,focus on enlightening people’s lives by decreasing disparities isthe first step towards reducing these risk factors (Kumanyika, 2012).For instance, education allows people to have higher life expectancy,enhanced quality of life, and healthy behaviors like exercise. On theother hand, discrimination, rejection, and places with no access tohealthy food lead to health complications and emotional breakdown. Inthis regards, the level of education, childhood development,availability and longevity of jobs, job description, food security,earnings, social support, access to health and social amenities, andhousing status affect the health outcome of a person greatly.


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