Historic analysis of abuse and use of Methamphetamine in America (1950 to 2000)

Historicanalysis of abuse and use of Methamphetamine in America (1950 to2000)

Historicanalysis of abuse and use of Methamphetamine in America (1950 to2000)

Drugsare the most necessities in the life of a human being. Drugs areuseful when used for medicinal purposes. The biggest challenge iswhen drugs are in use for the wrong purpose, for example, when abusedfor the sake of ecstasy effects. Currently, many states are facing achallenge of drugs and drug abuse that has been there for a longperiod. As technology advances, more drugs are discovered, and thisequals to more use and abuse. Most of the problems associated withdrug abuse date back to the history of discovering of that drug. InAmerica, one of the drugs that came into the market and was meant formedicinal purpose is Methamphetamine. Methamphetamine was equallyabused by some groups of people such as college students (Rasmussen,2008). This essay looks at Methamphetamine use in the period between1950 to the wake of millennium.

Methamphetamineis a drug, whichwas synthesized for the first time in 1887 inGermany. The drug was made availablebecause ofthe search of a certaindisease. The drug remained under no doubt until in the year 1920 whenit was investigated. Results showed that among its uses are forcuring of depression to decongestion. The drug became popular. It wasin high use during the period of World War 2. Fighting men used thedrug to keep them moving, especially the American military men. Useof this drug failed because the fighting men started to be irritableand failed to show aggression. The supply of this drug becameavailable to the public and it began to be in use often.Methamphetamine became accessible in 1950. Its availability made itprone to abuse by most people. The college students, athletes, andtruckdrivers started using the drug for anon-medicinal purpose(Rasmussen, 2008). In 1960, there was a drastic use ofmethamphetamine. People began injecting the drug themselves. However,in the year 1970, there was an Act called Controlled Substances Act.The Act restricted the production of methamphetamine, which was forinjecting oneself. Restriction on production of injectablemethamphetamine resulted to decrease in its abuse. Even though thecontrolled substances act was in place, people continued abusingdrugs, and the production of Methamphetamine remained to shoot highas compared to the previous production (Troncale, 2005).

Researchdone on the abuse and trafficking of Methamphetamine showed that itoften rises. The abuse data, seizure, investigative, price, andpurity are evidences that indicate the rise in trafficking and abuseof Methamphetamine. There are common areas affected most by theimpact of the drug abuse and trafficking more than the other areas.These areas commonly affected are those that are not aware of theeffects of Methamphetamine. Production did secret accounts for thedrug trafficked and abused within the United States. There have beenmany cases of trafficking on Methamphetamine especially done betweenthe United States and Mexico (Rasmussen, 2008). Drug law enforcementfailed due to unstable decision made basedon the efforts to fightagainst the clandestine production of Methamphetamine. Those in thefield of drug trafficking are creative and flexible to any law andnature reform. Handling the peddlers of drug trafficking was a hardtask since the law enactors engaged in finding fault on the federalgovernment. Largely, California is the center for the production ofthe large scale Methamphetamine since the existence of the drug inthe states (Troncale, 2005). The drug is produced for use bothlocally and in other states, as well as abroad. Methamphetaminebusiness continues to flourish despite strong anti-narcotic lawsbeing put in place in California and other states.

In1950, many people engaged in the abuse of Methamphetamine. Certainly,there was a rise in the cases of mental illness because of too muchabuse of the drug. In 1992, the spread of use of Methamphetamine wasat an increase. In the year 1997, reports showed that ephedrine andMethamphetamine were the most emerging drugs in the west, southwest,and south of theUnited States. The number of cases of the effects ofthe powerful Methamphetamine was on the rise among the citizens. Someof these effects include agitation, palpitations, and fainting. Theseeffects caused by Methamphetamine became common reported cases inTexas and Southern California states (Troncale, 2005). The druggained its popularity also within the state of San Francisco. Reportsfrom ethnographer showed that young users of Methamphetamine combinedit with heroin. It was found that the stimulant was so common incertain. The same case of drug abuse was also common within LosAngeles. The reason for its continuity in usage is that the drug wasfound to be so addictive. Admissions treatment data show that theabuse of Methamphetamine was twice in the United States from theperiod of 1983 to 1988. It further doubled from 1988 to 1992. Moreand more abuse of the drug was experienced, and it went ahead toquintupled from the year 1992 to 2002. The research of 1970 showedthat there were 3.8 million users of the drug and 320000 wereaddicted. The year 1970, marked the peak year, which the drugMethamphetaminewas abused as compared to other years (Rasmussen,2008).

Evidenceshowed that there were many cases reported concerning the abuse ofMethamphetamine within the period of 1950 to 2000. However, therewere also cases that showed that Methamphetamine is such a successfulantidepressant. The drug served an important purpose during the worldwar two. It kept the military men aggressive during the war andenabled them overcome depression. The same drug was in use by thepilots to keep them awake during long flights. Obesity is a commonhated issue in America. It became a happy moment for Americancitizens when Methamphetamine was discovered. Methamphetamine wasused for medicinal purpose, such as for weight loss (Troncale, 2005).It worked well for the people who were obese. Conclusively, thediscovery of Methamphetamine became of great importance. In contrastto its significance, it came with some negative impacts, whichaffected the life of some individuals. The drug was abused asmajority of people used it for recreational purposes. Several statesacross the United States enacted different policies to deal withMethamphetamine problem. Whereas most policies were meant to controlthe drug for usage as a medicine, politicians often attacked thepolicies which made them ineffective. California is the hub forproduction of Methamphetamine. The drug has various health and mentaleffects and need to be controlled.


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