History 1301


Question1. Why come to the unknown wilderness of America? Consider themotives of ONE group (French, English, or Spanish). What was/weretheir motivation(s)? How successful were they? Why? Be detailed andwrite formally.

TheAmerican wilderness includes over 109 million acres of land. The landis unexploited as protected under the National WildernessPreservation System (NWPS). This was achieved through the passing ofthe Wilderness Act in 1964. However, the American wilderness existedeven during the past centuries and was an area of interest fordifferent settlers.

DuringEuropean settlement of America, the wilderness was a place to befeared. During the 1600s the wilderness was termed by one of thesettlers as a dark and dismal place where all sort of wild animalsexist. However, this did not stop the settlers from coming toAmerica.

Europeansettlers especially the English settlers were attracted to thewilderness by its untapped potential. They knew that the wildernesshad so much potential (Chet72).

Thesettlers came to the unknown American Wilderness by the idea ofwanting to civilize America. They used missionary tactics to spreadChristianity among the communities that lived in the wilderness bythen. The English settlers were able to convince the locals tosupport them in clearing and cultivating the wilderness. Theyestablished plantations in the wilderness. The harvests were abundantand they established processing factories for various products to addvalue to their yields. The industrial age saw the wilderness becomeeven more productive as the use of machines was increasingly adopted.

Conclusively,the unknown American wilderness was considered a fearful place thatcould not be of any importance to humans. However, the Englishsettlers saw a land of opportunity and entered the wilderness withthe urge to civilize Americans. Their strategy was successful as theywere able to obtain much from the fields.

Question3. Compare and contrast the development and maturing of Englishsociety in the farming northern colonies, in the plantation south,and in colonial cities. Please write in formal academic style.

TheEnglish society had significant footprint in major parts of theUnited States. From the north to the south, the English settlers madesignificant contributions to the modern America. Just like they weredistributed and in different times, the English society developeddifferently. This essay will focus on the maturing of the Englishsociety in three perspectives, the farming northern colonies, theplantation south and colonial cities.

Thefarming northern colonies were particularly agricultural society. Thekind of farming that took place in this society was dependent onslavery. Slaves from all over the world were the laborers in thefield. Interaction between the master and the slaves was minimal andtherefore the societies maintained their culture (Zacek182).Women were assigned domestic chores for the masters.

Theplantation south was not that different from the farming northerncolonies. However, agriculture was vast. Tobacco and rice were majorcrops. Enslaved Africans provided labor. Resistance and rebellionbegan in the south. Black religion and family was an influentialfactor in the society.

Thecolonial cities presented a different taste of life. Unlike in thefields, life was dependent on industrial development, as opposed toagriculture. Majority of people moved to the cities in such offreedom and work (Zacek139).They hoped to improve their lives. However, the blacks and otherfreed slaves continued living in poverty.

Inconclusion, the English society comprised of different phases andmatured differently. This depended on the area and the activitiesthat dominated the location. The influence of the English society wasprofound across the United States.


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