Honesty is the Best Policy

Honestyis the Best Policy

Honestyis the Best Policy

Honestyis the best policy in the society since it helps us avoid hurting oneanother physically or emotionally. Nowadays, people find something toalways lie about however, it is wrong to lie since telling the truthwill always set us free. Honesty makes people trust you and they willalways want to talk and share their problems with you. Undeniably,lying does not prevent the truth from prevailing eventually, thetruth will come out no matter what. People should always tell thetruth and be honest in their daily activities in order to have freeand clean consciousness.

Peopledesire to be associated with honest individuals, who can be trustedat all times. Honest individuals have a high likelihood of meetingand making friends with people of morally upright characters as wellas acquiring outstanding job opportunities. For instance, my eldestbrother never lies and is honest in his doings. No wonder, herecently acquired a good paying job only a few weeks after graduatingfrom college. This is a clear indication that honesty, trustworthyand hardworking individuals will always find job opportunities in anykind of business or organization.

Honestyfurther helps individuals to have a clean and free consciousness.People who are fond of lying eventually have a disturbedconsciousness. This is because they spend most of their time thinkingabout such lies and about being caught. Adopting and embracing aclean conscious help an individual live a comfortable life since heor she does not have anything to worry about. For instance, BillClinton experienced a disturbed consciousness until he confessed ofhis involvement with Monica. At first he had lied about the wholescandal but after facing extreme pressure from both his wife and thepress he eventually owned up to his mistake and told the truth. Mostprobably, he was only thinking about his lies, before he told thetruth, and thus he could not concentrate on other things. Therefore,clean consciousnesses help individuals to be comfortable withthemselves and other people around them.

Lyingdoes not help you solve anything in fact, it only serves to worsenbad situations. At first, lying may do you good if you are a goodliar however, with time the truth will come out. Whenever such truthcomes out, individuals fond of lying encounter several problems thatthey would have evaded by simply being honest. Lying may hurt anindividual in an emotional or physical manner. For example, lying inrelationship may eventually lead to breakups and divorces, which maymake children in such relationships, suffer either emotionally orphysically due to lack of proper care from both parent. Additionally,some individuals have been laid off from work after found beingdishonest in their daily works. This, in turn, makes them find ithard to earn a living and some of them eventually turn to drug abuseand other forms of crime. Therefore, people should always be honestin whatever they do or say since its worthless losing somethingprecious over lies.

Itis high time that people learned the significance of being honest.Honesty helps people avoid many problems that occur due to lying.Lying does not pay. People who continuously indulge in lying willalways have disturbed consciousnesses even if they are not caught.Indeed, honesty is the best policy since it makes people enjoycomfortable lives.